World Distance Learning Day: 5 Advantages of Learning Remotely

World Distance Learning Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Understand the Perks of Online Learning and See If It’s for You

With the onset of the pandemic, authorities were forced to close schools in the country, resorting to online classes to provide students with an alternative means of learning. Schools used tech tools to help learners go about their schoolwork as they would in a physical classroom. They explored opportunities for distance learning as part of their future curriculum.

However, even before the challenges of the pandemic, distance learning tools were already being explored by young and adult learners alike.

World Distance Learning Day, observed every last day of August, seeks to highlight the advantages that this modern method of learning gives to students of all ages.

If you’re wondering why distance learning is preferred by many learners, Breast Cancer Car Donations provides five key reasons:

1. You can learn remotely.

Many schools and universities offer homeschooling options and online courses for those who are unable to attend physical classes. This is a convenient way to access learning resources without having to travel great distances.

2. It is flexible.

Many people who opt for distance learning can study at their own pace with this type of learning mode. This means that people who work can take several classes before or after their shifts. Parents can teach their kids at home at a time conducive to them.

3. It can accommodate students with special needs.

Distance learning is a convenient option for students with mobility issues or those who find it difficult to transfer from class to class. Distance learning also has an individualized and self-paced learning process that accommodates students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other learning difficulties. It’s also a good option for hearing-impaired students who may need to rewind or slow down lecture videos.

4. It maximizes time.

While there are live video classes, recordings are also available which students can access without the interruptions of a typical classroom. Learning management systems also make it convenient for teachers to plan the lectures and grade the students based on their assessments and outputs for the course.

5. Students hone their IT skills.

Students engaged in distance learning become proficient in online research, word processing, video conferencing, presenting slides, using discussion boards and collaborative apps, social networking, sending and receiving emails, and creating blogs and videos. These are skills that can help them in landing employment later on.


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