When Is Breast Ultrasound Used?

What Is a Breast Ultrasound | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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8 Ways This Procedure Is Used to Diagnose and Manage Breast Health

While it is commonly used for diagnosing pregnancy, ultrasound is also used to check the condition of breast tissue for any potential issues, including tumors.

This painless and non-invasive procedure produces computerized pictures of the inside of the breast using sound waves. It can show certain breast changes, like cysts, that can be difficult to see on mammograms.

One advantage of ultrasound over mammography is that it does not expose a person to radiation. It also typically costs less than other testing options.

Breast Cancer Car Donations rounds up the 8 different ways doctors use breast ultrasound to diagnose and manage breast health:

1. Diagnosing breast lumps or masses

Ultrasound is commonly used in diagnosing lumps or masses in the breast. It can detect fluid-filled cysts, benign tumors of glandular tissue, and other solid lesions. It is also useful in determining if a lump is solid or filled with fluid and whether it needs further testing.

2. Assessing changes in breast tissues

A breast ultrasound can be used to monitor changes in breast tissue over time. This procedure helps identify any abnormal areas that may need further evaluation, such as those associated with cancer.

3. Evaluating the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment

Doctors also use ultrasound imaging to evaluate the impact of a certain breast cancer treatment by determining how aggressive a tumor is and how much it has spread.

4. Screening women with dense breasts

Ultrasound imaging is normally recommended for women with dense breast tissue as it can detect abnormalities that might not be seen on a mammogram. This makes it easier for physicians to identify areas that need additional testing.

5. Guiding biopsies

A breast ultrasound can be used to guide surgeons during biopsy procedures. The images help identify any areas of concern and make sure only those areas are targeted for the collection of tissue samples.

6. Detecting underlying breast conditions

Whether it’s an infection, inflammation, or abscesses in the breast tissue, ultrasound can detect underlying issues that may not be visible on a mammogram or MRI scan. It can also aid in the diagnosis of benign or malignant tumors and cysts.

7. Assessing developmental abnormalities

Another function of breast ultrasound is evaluating developmental abnormalities of the breast, such as inverted or underdeveloped nipples. Catching these problems early will help doctors identify what other issues could be affecting the patient’s health.

8. Assessing breast implants

Lastly, women with breast implants are advised to get an ultrasound to assess the condition of their implants and determine if there are any issues like leakage or rupture. That way, their physicians will be able to decide whether corrective action is needed.


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