What To Put In A Chemo Care Package

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Top Tips on What to Put in a Chemo Care Package

Do you have a loved one who’s undergoing chemotherapy? If you have, it’s a good idea to give them a chemo care package to make life easier for them.

Chemo care packages can be likened to the packages that you received from your folks while you were off at college or camp. It’s basically a box of all the goodies that you need at a particular season in your life.

Without a doubt, a chemo care package is a gift that someone with breast cancer will find useful.

However, it can be challenging to come up with ideas on what items to put in that special box. Luckily, Breast Cancer Car Donations shares the top tips on what to put in a chemo care package:

  • Headwear

Stylish hats and colorful scarves can help your loved one stay warm and feel better. Thanks to your headwear gifts, their heads will be protected from ultraviolet damage when they’re exposed to the sun. They’ll also feel less self-conscious about losing their hair, which is a side effect of chemotherapy.

  • Moisturizers

Since chemotherapy causes the skin and lips to become painful and dry, it’s a great idea to include gentle moisturizers as well as lip balms in your chemo care package. These will help prevent the development of sores and rashes. However, be careful not to choose products that have strong and irritating scents since this may cause the patient to feel nauseous.

  • Mouth Rinse

Another chemo side effect is dry mouth, which is why adding a mouth rinse that soothes sore mouths and sensitive gums as it gently cleans them is a good chemo care package item.

  • Silk or Fleece Pillow Case

Newly bald scalps of chemo patients are extremely sensitive, that’s why soft pillow covers are very important.

  • Warm and Soft Blankets

Warm and soft blankets are perfect for your loved one who’s having chemo sessions at clinics and hospitals that are chilly. These blankets won’t only keep them warm, but they’ll also provide a sense of security and comfort that they need.

  • Water and Snacks

To pass the time during chemotherapy treatments, your loved one will appreciate water and some snacks that include hard candy, fruit, cookies, soup mix, crackers, and dark chocolate. These will help counteract your loved one’s dry or metal mouth sensation as well as dehydration.

  • Entertainment

Since each chemo treatment may take hours, items that will help them while away their time are a great addition to your chemo care package. However, you’ll need to know what can keep your loved one entertained. These include a streaming video service subscription, crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzle book, magazines, e-books, iTunes gift card, or a journal,

  • Inspiration

You can lift up your loved one’s spirits by adding an inspirational book or a personal note to your package.

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