What Is The Difference Between Screening Mammograms and Clinical Breast Exams?

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Know Which One Is the Right Choice for You

When breast cancer is detected early, studies have shown the five-year survival rate at 99%, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). Screening tests such as annual mammograms, clinical breast exams, monthly breast self-exams, and MRIs have led to the detection of early signs of breast cancer among women, giving them more effective life-saving treatment options.

The two most commonly used methods of early breast cancer detection are the screening mammogram and the clinical breast exam. While both have saved countless lives, many women are still trying to figure out which one is the right choice for them. Sure, a breast exam might be the safer option for certain women, but is it just as effective as getting a mammogram? Let’s find out below!


Screening Mammograms

Screening mammograms make use of an X-ray to examine the breast area for any abnormalities. The breast is compressed between two plates, after which images of the breast tissue are captured. If any unusual changes in the breast or nipple are discovered, a diagnostic mammogram will be the next step to determine the problem.


Clinical Breast Exams

Unlike mammograms, clinical breast exams don’t require the use of any medical equipment, just the eyes and hands of your health care provider. The procedure is quite simple: Your doctor or nurse will examine your breasts and underarms for lumps or other suspicious changes by feeling them and inspecting each area carefully. You will be instructed to hold different postures, including standing up with your arms raised and lying down on your back.

Once a health care specialist discovers a lump, they will note the features and check if it can be moved easily. A hard, oddly shaped lump that’s movable may indicate a cancerous tumor. This finding will require follow-up tests.


Differences to Keep in Mind

Between the two, medical professionals would recommend screening mammograms. The ACS cites studies suggesting that clinical breast exams only contribute very little to the early detection of breast cancer.

False-positives are not uncommon in both procedures, although they happen more frequently in breast exams. However, that doesn’t mean that breast exams are to be disregarded. They can still help in observing specific changes surrounding the breast area.


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Last Updated: March 9th, 2023