What Do Local Government “Stay At Home” Orders Mean?

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What Do Local Government ‘Stay-at-Home’ Orders Mean?

To stop the novel coronavirus from infecting more people, governments worldwide have initiated measures such as community quarantines and lockdowns. These measures require people to stay in the safety of their own homes unless there are essential needs for them to go outside.

With stay-at-home orders in place, everyone is mandated to comply. Only essential services are to remain open such as gas stations, pharmacies, and groceries. Don’t expect your local gym to be open for as long as the order isn’t lifted yet. Restaurants are also closed. However, they are still allowed to serve customers through takeouts or their delivery services. A strict ban on public events and gatherings are also being implemented to prevent mass infection


Some Businesses Are Exempted

Businesses are ordered to temporarily cease activity for the duration of the stay-at-home order. However, there are exemptions. If you run a business that provides essential services or is engaged in critical infrastructure, then you and your workforce are exempted from the order. However, you might need to run only with a skeletal crew, especially for restaurants (since dine-in orders aren’t allowed).

Other exempted businesses are media organizations, those engaged in agriculture, and those that deal in health care and public safety. There is no need to obtain any sort of authorization letter. As long as your business falls in the sectors that are exempted, you are free to operate.


What If I Need Medical Help?

If it’s a medical situation that is not related to COVID-19, you may proceed to the hospital of your choice. Ideally, you or one of your family members should call the hospital first to enable the hospital staff to prepare for your arrival. If you are feeling sick with flu-like symptoms, the general advice is to first call either your doctor or urgent care hotlines and consult via phone regarding the steps you need to take.

Be wary in going to the hospital as it is a pretty high-risk area for coronavirus transmission. A mask should always be worn and social distancing strictly followed. You never know if another person who has been there for consultation is a virus carrier.

In some areas, local authorities might not require you to go out of your home if you’re experiencing severe flu-like symptoms. Instead, they’ll send an ambulance to your place of residence so they can transport you to the hospital.


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