Virtual New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas

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6 Things You Can Do to Make Your Virtual Party a Huge Success

New Year’s Eve celebrations are typically big events where huge crowds of people get together to welcome the start of the New Year. From witnessing the ball drop in Times Square to enjoying year-end parties, people want to send off the old year in style and celebrate the start of the new one together with their families and friends.

This year, however, such festive celebrations are unlikely to happen because of the continued health threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Attending social gatherings is still considered a health risk as large crowds can easily spread the deadly virus.

However, this doesn’t mean that your New Year’s Eve celebration this year is canceled. You just have to get creative and explore alternative ways to safely celebrate the event.

Virtual tools provide a wealth of options. If you’ve set your heart on hosting a virtual New Year’s Eve party, here are 6 things you can do to make it a huge success.

1. Hold a themed virtual celebration.

A recent survey showed that many people are seeking escapism and a sense of community for their New Year’s Eve celebration. If your guests fit the bill, you can plan your activities around this general theme. You can go for a vacation-themed virtual holiday party and get your guests to dress up for their dream destination.

2. Get loud.

New Year’s Eve parties are about loud crowds so the key point is “the more the merrier.” You can host a virtual dance party where guests can gather and tune in for the fun. In addition to your typical Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Rooms, and Google Meet, you can also explore apps like Houseparty, TwoSeven, and Squad. These apps can serve as platforms for different activities you can do together.

3. Get physical.

The Strava app can connect you to people who can exercise with you if you want to welcome the New Year with a fitness theme. You can get your fellow health enthusiasts to join you at a Zumba party at midnight as you show off your best powerhouse moves.

4. Play games.

The Tabletop Simulator app challenges your brain as you play your favorite board games with your friends virtually. You can also play popular games on Zoom like Cards Against Humanity, 20 Questions, Most Likely To, Trivia Games, and other fun alternatives.

5. Get creative.

Think about activities that you can do together as part of your bonding experience with your family and friends. Plan a central theme that your guests can enjoy. Line up activities that would connect you to your family and friends despite the distance. Get your guests on board to cast away the negativity of the old year and welcome the New Year with joy.

6. Make it look like a typical party.

List down the things you need for your virtual party with your family and friends. Make sure to plan and coordinate schedules with your guests. Create the virtual invites and send the link and the reminders ahead of time.


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