Vehicles Most Likely to Last Over 200,000 Miles

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These 15 Models Have Proven Their Durability

If you’re shopping for a new car, one of the most important factors to consider is its durability. As the prices of vehicles continue to rise, it’s only practical to settle for one that can last a decade or even longer.

Looking for a long-lasting automobile can be quite hard for the average buyer. Although you can find a lot of useful information on the internet, it gets confusing once you stumble upon conflicting articles and car jargon. This is when you realize that you need a legitimate source that has conducted studies to determine which vehicles are most likely to last over 200,000 miles., an automotive research firm and search engine, analyzed more than 15.8 million vehicles to find out which models can reach the 200k milestone. On average, only 15 models, corresponding to just 1% of cars manufactured each year, made it past the mark. Here are those 15 models:

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Topping the list is the Land Cruiser. This legendary off-roader has an unbeatable 15.7% of its units resold in 2019 exceeding the 200,000-mile mark. It also holds first place on the list of vehicles that can last for 300,000 miles or more.

2. Toyota Sequoia

Toyota’s full-size truck-based SUV beats the 200,000-mile mark as shown by 9.2% of Sequoias changing hands in 2019. It also prides itself as one of the top five models to register 300,000 miles on their odometers.

3. Ford Expedition found that 5.2% of all Ford Expeditions were able to stay on the road for over 200,000 miles, with 0.2% of them still running after 300,000 miles.

4. Chevrolet Suburban

The first GM product to make the cut is the Chevy Suburban, with 4.9% of the units of this model passing the 200k mark. While it may not be the most reliable model for SUV owners, it has shown that it can endure long years of driving.

5. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

You might be astonished to learn that a gas/electric hybrid crossover SUV has made it to the list. That’s the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, with 4.2% units of this midsize SUV resold with at least 200,000 miles on their odometers.

6. Chevrolet Tahoe

Another full-size SUV that can rack up a whopping amount of miles is the Chevy Tahoe, with 4.1% of its units resold in 2019 having registered 200,000 miles or more. This goes to show that the bigger the SUV, the greater the longevity.

7. GMC Yukon XL

With Tahoe and Suburban already on the list, it’s not surprising to see the GMC Yukon XL also on the list. Approximately 4.1% of all Yukons built were able to surpass the 200,000-mile mark.

8. Toyota 4Runner

Besides being a favorite among off-road enthusiasts, the Toyota 4Runner is the only midsize truck-based SUV to join the 200k club. Around 3.9% of its units resold as used vehicles were found to be still going strong after reaching 200,000 miles or more.

9. GMC Yukon

The full-size, rock-solid GMC Yukon made it past the 200k milestone, with about 3.2% of its units hitting the milestone in 2019. This further proves that SUVs based on the classic Chevy truck platform tend to last even longer than their pickup counterparts.

10. Honda Ridgeline

For durable, reliable, and long-lasting pickup trucks, the Honda Ridgeline snatches the title. It can run for 200,000 miles as shown by 3% of its units resold in 2019.

11. Toyota Tundra

If you haven’t noticed, many of the models on this list come from Toyota, and the Tundra is just one of them. About 2.9% of the units of this full-size hauler continued to run on the road after 200,000 miles, with 0.2% of them crossing the 300,000-mile mark.

12. Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is the only minivan that’s projected to most likely reach 200,000 miles or more. Of all the Odysseys resold in the used vehicle market, 2.7% of them reached that impressive mark.

13. Toyota Avalon

Some 2.6% of all Toyota Avalon sedans in the resale market in 2019 were estimated to have registered at least 200,000 miles. Additionally, the Avalon is the only passenger car on this list of long-distance motor vehicles.

14. Lincoln Navigator

One of the most expensive vehicles on this list, the Lincoln Navigator proves that luxury cars are more than just pretty faces. This car can go past the 200k-mile mark, with 2.6% units of this model continuing to run after hitting the mark.

15. Toyota Tacoma

Last on the list is the Tacoma, which is another Toyota product. Some 2.5% units of this model made it past the 200,000-mile mark in 2019.


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