Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

Valentine's Day Traditions | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World

While we Americans typically spend Valentine’s Day expressing our love to our dear ones with heart-shaped chocolates, cuddly stuffed toys, bouquets of roses, and reservations at high-end restaurants, this is not the case for people in other countries. Sure, flowers and chocolates are always romantic, but how would you feel if your sweetheart surprises you with a wooden “love spoon” with your initials carved into it like what the Welsh do? Or what if your special someone takes a page from the Bulgarians’ book and takes you out for a romantic date at a local winery?

The stories below show you how the day of love is celebrated by folks around the world. Get ready to be amazed!

  • Japan: Chocolates for Men

In Japan, the ladies are the ones who make an effort to woo their men. It’s pretty obligatory for them to give chocolates as presents, while the guys return the favor exactly a month later on White Day. The good news for these women is that they usually get gifts that are twice as valuable as what they’ve given. These include jewelry, fancy clothes, or even a weekend getaway!

  • South Africa: Wearing Hearts on Their Sleeves – Literally

Women and teenage girls in South Africa follow a particular Roman custom, Lupercalia, where they pin the names of their lovers on the sleeves of their shirts. Although this is usually done by females, men in some parts of the country also join in the excitement.

  • Brazil: Love Rituals

For many Brazilian ladies, there’s no Valentine’s Day without dabbling a bit in magic. One of their traditions during this holiday is performing simpatias, which are apparently rituals for finding their perfect match.

  • Philippines: Mass Wedding

Imagine tying the knot with your partner in a public area, along with hundreds of other lovebirds. Wouldn’t that be insane? Apparently, that’s a thing in the Philippines on V-day. Couples gather together at big halls to wed or renew their vows.

  • South Korea: Black Noodles for the Single Ladies

While Japan celebrates White Day, South Korea has Black Day, which is observed two months after Valentine’s. Women who did not receive any form of affection on the supposedly most romantic time of the year find themselves commiserating each other over a warm bowl of black noodles, known as jajangmyeon. It’s a great way to bond with their fellow single ladies!

  • Romania: Engagements Everywhere

Romania is one of the countries that celebrate V-Day on another date, specifically on the 24th of February. On this day, many lovely young women change their status from girlfriends to fiancees after saying “yes” to their boyfriends’ marriage proposals.

  • Czech Republic: Couples’ Pilgrimage

Like the Romans, people from the Czech Republic don’t spend Valentine’s Day on February 14. Rather, they observe the occasion on the first of May. Young lovers make their way to the statue of poet Karol Hynek Macha, where they would share a smooch under the cherry trees.


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