Types of Yacht Charters: Bareboat, Skippered, Crewed, or Cabin

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Learn About These Options to Plan Your Best Trip

If you want to try yachting without having to buy a super-expensive luxury vessel, there is a way to make this happen. Yacht chartering is that way.

Chartering a yacht is the practice of renting a sailboat or a motor yacht to travel to coastal or island locations of your choice. You have several options on the type of yacht that you wish to charter depending on your destination, your company, your purpose, and your budget. Some of the most popular ones include motor yachts, catamaran yachts, sailing yachts, and megayachts or superyachts.

If you’re new to yacht chartering, you can do it in four ways. Here are the types of yacht charters to know before making your final decision.

1. Bareboat

You can qualify for a bareboat yacht charter if you are a licensed skipper. You will be required to present the certificates, permits, and documents that will prove that you are qualified to operate the yacht. When you make a bareboat yacht charter, you will get to rent the yacht with all the essentials aboard such as fuel, ropes, life jackets, and other safety equipment that you would need for your trip. However, you will be left to fend for yourself on your trip.

2. Skippered

If you do not have the qualifications to sail a yacht, you can choose the skippered charter yacht option, where a qualified skipper will steer the boat and decide the route to your chosen destination. They can even give you pointers on sailing and act as a tour guide to your destination. This gives you the comfort of having a professional on the steering wheel as you focus on your relaxation.

3. Crewed

A crewed charter gives you the full vacation experience since you will not only have a professional skipper at the helm but also a full crew of staff at your disposal. This option is available for larger boats. They include the services of a dining staff, cleaning staff, and other essential personnel based on your itinerary and chosen destinations.

4. Cabin

If you do not have a big enough group to charter an entire yacht, you may opt for a cabin charter. This type of charter offers you the chance to rent a cabin or a sailing yacht. This is a cheaper option of yachting that is typically offered on catamaran yachts.


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