Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Potholes On the Road

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Potholes On the Road | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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Beware of These Road Hazards!

Potholes form on roads as a result of changing weather conditions, combined with the amount of traffic on the pavement. Road materials tend to expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate in spring and winter. When water seeps into cracks and soft spots, it forms potholes on the road. These potholes can range from tiny indentations to gaping canyons.

Potholes are road hazards that every motorist should beware of. Hitting a pothole can compromise your safety and damage your vehicle. To avoid accidents and expensive auto repairs, you need to avoid every pothole you find on the road or else drive through it very carefully and slowly if there’s no way to steer around it.

Why Potholes Are a Driving Menace

Although you’re more likely to spot potholes in the street in winter and spring, they can appear anytime. For this reason, it’s best to keep an eye on where your car is headed, even if you’re driving along a familiar street. Breast Cancer Car Donations has compiled the following top reasons why hitting a pothole can be dangerous for you, your passengers, and your car:

1. It can cause damage to your exhaust system.

Large potholes can cause your vehicle to bottom out as the undercarriage scratches up against the road. Your exhaust pipes are a perfect target for potholes because they’re one of your vehicle’s lowest-hanging components. Hitting a deep pothole could scrape and puncture the pipes, causing them to make strange noises, leak harmful pollution, or lose power.

2. It can accelerate your steering and suspension system’s wear and tear.

Your vehicle’s suspension works to absorb impact so you can have a smooth ride. However, repeated jolts from potholes can lead to suspension issues such as damaged shocks, broken ball joints, and tire misalignment. Unless your trusted mechanic puts your tire alignment back on track, your vehicle will pull in one direction and its tires will wear unevenly.

3. It can damage your tires.

Since potholes usually have rough edges, they can potentially compress or puncture your tires on impact. Running over a large pothole can lead to tread separation, sidewall bulges, and flats. If the pothole is deep, it can scratch your rims and crack your wheels.


Do You Have a Car That Has Turned into a Money Pit?

With careful driving, you can avoid potholes on the road. Even then, you may not be able to avoid the wear and tear of your car, especially if you use it often. If you have a vehicle that has become prone to repairs and the bills are putting a large dent in your finances, perhaps you’d be better off without it.


You won’t regret it at all if you donate it to us at Breast Cancer Car Donations. We’ll provide you with a most satisfying donating experience while allowing you to extend a helping hand to the indigent women in your local community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Bring Hope to Breast Cancer Sufferers Today!

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