Should Your Misfiring or Sputtering Engine Alarm You?

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The 3 Most Common Causes of Engine Misfires

Have you experienced an engine misfire? If your car shakes or has slower acceleration when you step on the gas, or if your engine hesitates or briefly loses power, that’s your engine misfiring or sputtering. You’ll also notice your engine vibrating more than usual and running unevenly even if you’re at idle when there’s a misfire.

Whether your engine is cold or warm, a misfire can occur intermittently. It usually causes the check engine light to turn on.

When this happens, expect your car’s fuel economy to take a dip. Emissions will also increase as unburned fuel leaves the engine. This issue could cost you a hefty bill at the auto repair shop if you don’t get it fixed quickly.

Should you be alarmed when your engine misfires? The answer is a resounding “yes”!


What Causes Engine Misfires?

To get to know the exact reason why your engine is misfiring or sputtering, you need to consult a professional. There are many possible causes, and pinpointing the one that’s causing your engine to misfire isn’t always easy. Breast Cancer Car Donations has compiled the three most common causes of engine misfiring:

1. Defect in the ignition system

Worn-out spark plugs are often blamed for engine misfires. However, the spark plugs are just one part of the ignition system. The system includes other components, such as the control module, crankshaft position sensor, coil packs, and wiring. Issues with any of these parts can result in an engine misfire. If this is the cause of your engine issue, you can relax since replacing any of these components is fairly easy and they’re inexpensive, too.

2. Problem with the air and fuel delivery system

This problem may cost you a bit more because the fuel and air delivery system includes more expensive parts. As air and fuel combine inside the engine, the mixture is ignited by the spark plug. The resulting explosion sets the engine in motion, creating the force that your car needs to move. Any issue affecting the air/fuel mixture — ranging from a failed fuel injector to a vacuum leak — can cause an engine misfire.

3. Defects in the internal engine

One of the most problematic causes of an engine misfire is a defect in any of the components in the internal engine. Each cylinder inside the engine contains a piston that must compress the air/fuel mixture for complete combustion. When the piston is moving upward, the cylinder must remain completely sealed off to create adequate compression. An internal engine defect can prevent the cylinder from sealing properly, leading to a loss of compression and an engine misfire. The problem could be due to faulty cylinder heads, worn pistons, and rings, or worn-out timing belts. Not only are these parts costly, but repairing them is also labor intensive.

Whatever is causing your engine to misfire, you must not ignore it. Make an appointment with your trusted mechanic to determine the problem and get it fixed promptly because your safety on the road depends on it.


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