Random Acts of Kindness Day: 12 Simple Gestures That Will Surely Touch Hearts

Random Acts of Kindness Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Make Someone’s Day Extra Special

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where people help each other regardless of race, religion, or beliefs? That’s the idea behind the creation of Random Acts of Kindness Day, which is celebrated in the United States on February 17th of each year.

Although kindness is a virtue that should be practiced daily, we must double our efforts to spread it on that day. The special occasion reminds men and women as well as boys and girls across the country to be kind to their fellow Americans regardless of their differences. It encourages each one of us to do random gestures meant to make people smile. It’s about fostering an atmosphere of love, positivity, and empathy.


The Many Ways You Can Touch Hearts with Your Kindness

So, how do you celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day? By performing random acts of kindness, of course! The question is, how?

If you’ve run out of ideas, or you’ve gotten tired of the same old acts and you’re eager to try new things instead, Breast Cancer Car Donations shares 12 simple gestures you can do to touch hearts:

1. Bring boxes of sweet treats at work.

Make sure everybody gets a share.

2. Leave post-it notes on your co-workers’ desks.

Each note should contain a positive quote to inspire them or, better yet, a personal note telling them how much you appreciate them.

3. Insert coins into a stranger’s parking meter.

You can even leave a note telling them to have a great day on the road.

4. Bake cookies for residents of a seniors’ home.

Hand out healthy cookies, not just ordinary ones.

5. Do your neighbor’s chores.

Turn it into a relaxing day for them by offering to perform a few of their unfinished tasks.

6. Give an extra tip.

Tip your waiter, barista, or hairdresser more than usual. That’s a sure-fire way to instantly brighten their day.

7. Thank service people in your area.

By service people, we mean deliverymen, mail carriers, bus drivers, janitors, and many others who provide various services. Let them know how important their role is to the community.

8. Donate to a GoFundMe page.

Take time browsing through pages and pick the one you strongly feel for. It doesn’t matter how much you’re giving. Even the littlest amount can go a long way.

9. Send a care package to a service member.

Nothing says “Thank you for serving your fellow Americans” like assembling a care package and delivering it to someone in the military. If you’re not sure what to include, this blog post should be able to help you.

10. Drop off a load of groceries at the nearest food pantry.

See to it that they’re all healthy choices.

11. Leave positive reviews online.

Do your favorite stores and restaurants a favor by posting positive comments about them online, preferably in Google My Business or other popular directories. You can also give them a major shoutout in your social media feeds to promote them.

12. Adopt a rescue pet.

Been thinking of getting a furry family member? Random Acts of Kindness Day may be a good time to get one! However, instead of buying, consider adopting a poor dog or cat that has been abandoned. Head over to your local animal shelter and bring a lucky pet home.


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