November 2nd Election Day: 8 Ways to Get Ready to Vote

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Why Local Polls Are Just as Important as National Elections

It’s Election Day once again in the United States on November 2nd, 2021, just a year after we held a presidential election won by Democratic challenger Joe Biden against then-incumbent Republican president Donald Trump.

This November’s off-year election will see Americans going to the polls in New Jersey and Virginia for their regular gubernatorial elections. State legislative elections will also be held in New Jersey and the Virginia House of Delegates, which is the lower house of the Virginia General Assembly. November 2nd will likewise see numerous state legislative special elections, citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and other local elections.


Why You Have to Go Out and Vote

Do you have local elections coming up in your state? If you have, be sure to go out and cast your ballot.

Many Americans don’t vote because they believe their vote would have little impact on their lives, according to a poll conducted by Others feel they would rather do other things on Election Day, believing that their one vote wouldn’t make a difference.

Voting, however, is a constitutional right that lets you make your voice heard. Your one vote lets you play a part in shaping local, state, and national governments that will have a bearing in your life. That one vote can help decide which direction our country will go.

Count yourself lucky that you’re a citizen of a democratic nation. Other countries don’t allow their citizens to vote, and they have no choice on who gets to lead their country.

Never underestimate the importance of local elections, such as the ones that will be held in the country on November 2nd.  While presidential elections usually get most of our attention, local elections are just as important. The local officials we elect will be the ones who will be making decisions in the months and years ahead that can impact our lives. That’s why they deserve just as much consideration as our federal or state officials.


How to Make Yourself Election-Ready

This Election Day on November 2nd, don’t just sit by the sidelines. Make sure you exercise your right to vote. Breast Cancer Car Donations offers these eight ways of getting yourself election-ready:

1. Get registered. If you’ve moved or changed your name, make sure you update your registration details.

2. Check if your state allows you to vote by mail. If allowed, request your ballot by mail as early as you can.

3. Learn about early and mail-in voting opportunities.

4. Do your research on the local candidates running for office.

5. Some states require an ID to vote while some states don’t. Make sure you check your state’s voting requirements beforehand before going to the polls.

6. Make an Election Day plan if you’re voting in person. Take into account details such as your polling place, crowds, and traffic.

7. Check polling hours and know when they open and close.

8. Check to see if any of the candidates running for office are backed by organizations you support or trust.


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