National Preparedness Month

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National Preparedness Month: Be Ready When Disaster Strikes

Has anybody told you that September is National Preparedness Month? During this time, every one of us is reminded to take extra measures to prepare for emergencies, which include natural or man-made disasters.

The government continues to strengthen the nation’s capability to prevent, respond to, recover and protect the public from all potential hazards. It has been exerting efforts to ensure that every home, school, business, and community will not be caught unaware when a disaster strikes.


What You Need to Do

This year’s National Preparedness Month encourages everyone to create plans to mitigate emergencies, learn life-saving skills, check on insurance coverage, and save money for an emergency.

Before we act, let’s arm ourselves with the right information. Check out this list of what you need to do to prepare yourself for a disaster:

  • Make and practice your plan.

Gather your family and discuss the types of emergencies that could most likely happen where you live, study, play, and work. Work together to come up with an emergency plan in case of home fires, an evacuation plan in case of large-scale disasters, and a contingency plan for family communication. You’ll also need to sign up for emergency alerts and warnings in your local area and you’ll have to know your evacuation zone.

As soon as the responsibilities of each member are identified, determine how you can work together as a team. Once your plan is ready, have the steps printed out and laminated, giving a copy to each family member. Practice your plan until you know it by heart.

First-Aid Kit for National Preparedness Month | Breast Cancer Car Donations

  • Learn life-saving skills.

Educate yourself on basic home maintenance and protection against earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and fires. Be sure to put smoke alarms on every level of your home. Have them tested each month and replaced after 10 years.

In the event of a disaster, help may be delayed, that’s why it’s extremely important to have at least one member of your household trained in first aid and CPR. Speaking of first aid, make sure you have an accessible and well-stocked first aid kit in your home.

  • Check your insurance coverage.

Knowing that insurance is your first line of defense, you must review the Document and Insure Property guide to check your coverage.

  • Save for an emergency.

Be financially prepared for any crisis by maintaining your emergency savings. It’s best if you have some cash or traveler’s checks in your survival kit or in any safe place around your house where it can quickly be accessed.


It’s Good to Be Ready

You’ll never know when a disaster might happen, that’s why it’s important to be ready when it does. You’ll know you did a good job in protecting your family when everyone in your household knows what to do and where to go during an emergency.


Breast Cancer: Another Disaster You Can Help Alleviate

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