National Pet Day: 4 Tips on Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family

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Give a Furry Friend a New Home on April 11th

There is no doubt that Americans love their pets. A 2019-2020 survey showed that about 85 million families in the United States had pets. According to the National Pet Products Association, that number was 56% higher than the figure when the survey was first conducted in 1988.

There’s no surprise in the increasing popularity of owning pets given its many benefits to their owners. More and more people are finding out that pets provide good companionship and offer them genuine loyalty and friendship. These benefits do wonders for their owners’ mental and emotional health. Having pets while growing up also teaches kids about compassion and responsibility.

Based on the survey, among the top pets in American households are dogs, cats, birds, fishes, reptiles, horses, and small animals. All these pets will get the spotlight when the nation celebrates National Pet Day on April 11th.

The event was started by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige in 2006 to celebrate the joys that pets bring to families and to raise awareness about the condition of animals in shelters.

Since then, the motto of the campaign has been “Adopt. Don’t Shop!” This is meant to encourage people to adopt pets instead of buying them in shops.

On average, 1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats are adopted in the U.S. every year. However, these numbers are still not enough to clear out the 6.5 million animals on average that enter shelters nationwide. That’s why voices have been raised urging the need for more collective action to provide homes for these animals.


How to Choose the Right Pet for Your Family

The best way to celebrate National Pet Day is by choosing a pet to add to your family. Here’s how you can pick the right one for yourself or your brood.

  1. Choose the right pet.

While you may want to rescue all the cats and dogs in your local animal shelter, you can only choose just one or two that you can accommodate in your home. Consider the size of the pet that you will adopt so you can provide the animal the ample space it needs to be happy in its new home.

  1. Consider the costs.

Having a pet entails the cost of veterinary checkups, pet supplies, pet food, and other expenses. You have to include this in your budget.

  1. Think about the animal’s needs.

Do your research before getting a pet. Read up on proper pet care if you have a particular animal you want to care for. This way, you can make sure that your pet will stay healthy in your home.

  1. Be aware of the environment.

When choosing a pet, consider the type of environment that the animal needs. Do you have a large backyard where it can roam freely? Are you living in an apartment? Are there kids in the house? In deciding to adopt a pet, you also need to take responsibility for the safety and happiness of all members of your household.


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