National Immunization Awareness Month: 3 Persistent Myths About Vaccines Debunked

National Immunization Awareness Month | Breast Cancer Car Donations

This August, Understand the Benefits of Immunization

In the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people around the world watched helplessly as the virus claimed thousands of lives and threatened millions. Wasting no time, scientists immediately got to work on developing vaccines that can help protect the general population from infection and prevent severe cases of the disease.

In the months and years that followed, immunization became one of the major thrusts of governments in protecting their citizens from the threat of COVID-19.

Even before the pandemic, vaccines have long been a part of health professionals’ arsenal against preventable diseases. National Immunization Awareness Month, observed in August in the United States, is a reminder of the importance of vaccination for protecting us from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Vaccines have been credited for the eradication of smallpox, the near eradication of polio, and the prevention of diseases such as measles, pneumonia, and rotavirus that kill millions of children under the age of five every year. According to the World Health Organization, immunization prevents 3.5 million to 5 million deaths every year from diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza, and measles.


Debunking Myths Know About Vaccines

With many claims being made about the alleged “dangers” of vaccination, it is important to go back to the basics and review its benefits. In line with this. Breast Cancer Car Donations is here to debunk these three myths about vaccines:

1. Vaccines are linked to autism.

In the 1990s, a published study from British surgeon Andrew Wakefield linked measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines to the growing cases of autism in Britain at that time.

However, in the years that followed, experts discredited the findings, pointing to procedural errors and ethical violations that were made in the study. The researchers found no concrete evidence linking vaccines to autism. Further studies found that autism develops in the womb long before a baby is born.

2. Babies can’t handle multiple immunizations.

In a YouTube video, Dr. Paul Offit of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia discusses concerns about whether babies’ immune systems can handle the challenge of vaccines. According to Offit, infants can theoretically produce one billion antibodies at a time, which makes them able to handle even 10,000 vaccines at once. He said that vaccines strengthen the immunity of children and protect them from diseases.

3. Vaccines contain toxins that are harmful to human health.

Some people claim that vaccines contain formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminum, which are harmful to human health at certain levels. However, vaccines undergo clinical trials before they are rigorously screened by the Food and Development Authority (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) before approval.


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Vaccines protect children and adults from certain illnesses. However, researchers still have to develop vaccines to prevent certain diseases, including breast cancer. Although research and trials have started for a breast cancer vaccine, preventing the disease is still in the realm of future possibilities.

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