National Foster Care Month: Top 5 Ways to Support Foster Parents

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Focus on Our Country’s Unsung Heroes This May

The number of children in foster care has been increasing, with the latest estimates showing approximately 424,000 foster youth nationwide as of 2020. The demand for foster parents is currently much higher than the supply, which just shows how important they are and just how much we need them.

Foster homes serve as safe havens for children who can’t be with their biological parents for various reasons. Foster parents serve as guardians for these kids, helping them feel safe and loved and giving them much-needed stable environments where they can grow up without worries.

That is why every year since 1988, U.S. presidents have issued proclamations of support and recognition for National Foster Care Month in May, showing just how much the services of foster parents are appreciated in the country.  They are the unsung heroes who make meaningful differences in the lives of burdened kids, helping them grow and excel in life regardless of their past experiences.

Looking for ways to show your support for foster parents? We’ve listed 5 things that you can do in observance of National Foster Care Month this May:

1. Post about the observance on social media,

With millions of people accessing it, social media is a highly effective platform to spread messages in support of worthy causes. Post about National Foster Care Month this May and help spread awareness about the importance of fostering children separated from their biological parents.

2. Volunteer to help foster parents.

Look for a foster family that you can help support. Once you find one, offer to do tasks for them like purchasing their groceries, mowing their lawns, or walking their dogs to show your appreciation for what they’re doing.

3. Give members of the foster community token treats.

Foster parents aren’t the only members of the foster community. They also include the people who help process the transfer of foster kids to their adoptive parents and others who work in social service agencies. They all do their part to help create brighter tomorrows for neglected or abused kids. Make their day extra special by visiting and giving them token treats such as baked goodies to show your appreciation for their work.

4. Send thank-you cards to foster parents.

Create thank-you cards and coordinate with your local community leaders to send them to foster parents living in your area.

5. Decorate your car with National Foster Care Month messages.

Turn your car into a moving billboard of support for National Foster Care Month by putting decals and messages of support all over your vehicle.


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