Managing Depression and Anxiety: 5 Ways Our Pets Can Help

Woman with Depression and Her Pet Dog | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Managing Depression and Anxiety: 5 Ways Our Pets Can Help

There are so many reasons why owning a pet can be such a rewarding thing. There’s just something special about the bond shared between humans and their pets. Just by having the presence of a friendly furry creature alone can already turn one’s stressful day around.

Apart from being wonderful companions, pets are also good for our health. Cats are known to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes, while dogs have been recognized for their unbelievable ability to reduce chronic pain and even detect bowel cancer. Pets are also a great remedy for people suffering from mental problems, particularly depression and anxiety.

Below, you’ll see how our four-legged family members can save us in times of despair and tragedy. Here are 5 ways our pets can help battle anxiety and depression:

  • They offer unconditional and pure love.

Despite our flaws, temperaments, or even mood swings for some, pets still accept us for who we are. Even in moments when we scold them or accidentally step on their tails, they’d still show us warmth and loyalty as if nothing happened. This is why individuals coping with mental or emotional issues are oftentimes advised to get a pet for themselves.

No matter how many panic attacks or tantrums their owners go through, pets will always be by their side. For this comforting reason, many prefer the company of these lovable creatures over people any day.

  • They distract you from negative feelings.

One of the best ways to deal with depression and anxiety is by distracting yourself with several activities. Whether you’re playing fetch with your canine pal, bathing your kitten, or feeding your guinea pig, spending quality time with your pet and focusing your attention on them will allow you to forget about your ruminations and negative thoughts.

  • They make you active.

Full of life and vigor, dogs are perfect for lifting up one’s mood in so many ways. Not only that, but they also tend to get you moving on your feet. You’ll need to take them out for a stroll every once in a while, or perhaps even run with them.

Additionally, since exercising releases high levels of our happy hormones, anyone feeling down and blue will find themselves in a much better mood right after walking their dog.

  • They have a calming presence.

Would you believe that fixing our eyes on an aquarium of fish can provide us feelings of ease and relaxation? It’s the exact same feeling people get when petting or stroking their beloved fur babies. There are even studies showing that patients recovering from a heart attack were able to heal more quickly when accompanied by a pet in their homes.

  • They give you a sense of meaning.

Since your pets rely solely on you, you feel the need to continue living each day with a purpose. When you know that they place all their trust on you, you feel so much better about yourself. People with depression will no longer perceive themselves as worthless, but rather as someone capable of taking care of another living creature.

Woman With Her Pet Cat | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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