Items to Keep in Your Vehicle at All Times

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Items to Keep in Your Vehicle at All Times: These Things Might Just Save Your Life

Picture this out: You’re driving along a street one night in the middle of nowhere, and it’s just you and your Chevy. As you’re singing along to the tunes of Metallica, your car suddenly comes to a screeching halt. You get off to check what’s wrong with your engine, and there you see it—a busted battery.

To make matters worse, you realize that your trunk’s empty—no jumper cables, no spare batteries, NOTHING. You’re stuck in a deserted place without a single car passing by. What would you do if this happens in real life?

Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? If you don’t want to get caught in a similar situation, be sure to have these essential items in your vehicle at all times.

  • Car manual

One of the most important things you should keep in your glove compartment is your manual. Not everyone has the skill when it comes to fixing cars and engines, so it’s always best to refer to the instructions.

  • Jumper cables

We can be guilty of leaving our headlights on while we’re busy running errands to buy grocery. Next thing we know, we come back to a dead battery. With a set of jumper cables in the trunk along with your handy manual, one can easily remedy the situation.

  • Extra tire

Don’t you just hate it when your car abruptly stops due to a flat tire? By having a spare one on hand, you no longer have to call the automotive shop to have someone come for you. Be sure to consult with your manufacturer or mechanic first for the right spare tire. The lighter the tire is, the better its fuel economy is.

Extra Tire and Rims | Breast Cancer Car Donations

  • Tire jack and iron

What’s the use of your spare tire without these two?

  • Tire pressure gauge

Make it a practice to check your tire pressure every now and then. Properly inflated tires provide benefits like better fuel economy, improved gas mileage, and lesser risks for accidents.

  • Antifreeze

At some point, your automobile’s cooling system might freeze without warning. Once you notice your engine starting to overheat, take a gallon of antifreeze out and pour the liquid into your car’s radiator.

  • Duct tape

Find a leaking hose under the hood? Fix it with a duct tape! Duct tapes can do wonders to minor car problems.

  • Wheel chocks

In inspecting your car, having chocks under your wheels can actually save you from a potential accident.

  • Window breaker and seatbelt cutter

In case you recklessly submerge your car into the deep water, these tools will save your life. Always store them in your compartment.

  • Winter kit

It’s not uncommon for drivers to get stranded on extreme winter days, which is why a winter kit is a huge necessity. Be sure to include ice scrapers, a small shovel, blanket, carpet remnant, and a pair of winter gloves.

  • First aid kit

Everybody needs to keep a first aid kit in their compartment. Fill it with bandages, gauze pads, scissors, antiseptic cream, painkillers, and cough medicines. Place them tightly inside a sturdy container.

  • Non-perishable goods

Whether you’re stuck in a heavy traffic or waiting for a tow truck to pick your car up, it’s always a good idea to have a bag of snacks inside.

  • Phone charger or power bank

Your vehicle’s sudden loss of power isn’t the only problem you might encounter. You’ll need your phone to be up and running, too, especially if you don’t have anyone helping you out.

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