Ideas for Quality Family Time during the Holiday Season

Family Bonding on Christmas | Breast Cancer Car Donations

7 Ideas for Quality Family Time during the Holiday Season

It’s the season to spend quality time with your spouse and kids! While the holiday season is a hectic time to buy presents, decorate our homes, and attend parties, it also provides the perfect opportunity to make wonderful memories with your family. If your busy schedule for most parts of the year has kept you from bonding with your dear ones, the holidays are here to make up for those missed opportunities.

To help you experience the essence of Christmas, here are 7 ideas for quality family time during the holiday season:

1. Go caroling together.

Nothing brings that good old holiday cheer than by spreading it through music with the whole gang. Make sure to assign a solo part for each child. Everyone deserves a chance in the spotlight!

2. Organize a family game night.

It can be a Christmas charade, a Christmas carol Pictionary or just about any game that brings fun for the whole family. Oh, and don’t forget the prizes!

3. Make a holiday greeting video.

Whether it’s for your folks or longtime friends living in another city, send them a video of you and your family with a delightful greeting. You can even come up with funny lines to lift up their holiday spirits.

4. Bake Christmas treats.

Holidays are incomplete without baking sessions. Take out your family’s classic recipes, invite your kids to help you out, and bake the best cookies in the neighborhood!

5. Have a holiday movie marathon.

Watching heartwarming holiday films while cozied up with the family is one of the simplest ways to bond.

6. Enjoy an indoor Christmas tree campout.

Huddle together with your family and reminisce the good times you’ve shared with each other this year.

7. Have a build-a-snowman competition.

Forget the traditional snowman. The one with the most unique style wins the contest!


Take Part in a Meaningful Cause

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Quality Family Time on a Holiday | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Feel the True Essence of the Season

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