How To Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

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How to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Although you can’t change certain factors that influence breast cancer risks such as your family history, genetics, or your aging process, you can still decrease your chances of contracting the disease by making positive lifestyle changes and life choices.

Breast Cancer Car Donations shows you how to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by taking these six steps:

1. Be physically active.

Regular exercise is a great way to keep your breasts healthy. Medical experts recommend spending at least 75 minutes doing vigorous exercises or 150 minutes doing moderate exercises per week to lower your breast cancer risks.

2. Get to a healthy body weight and stay there.

Did you know that obesity (especially if it occurs after menopause) increases the risk of breast cancer? Moreover, breast cancer recurrence is more likely in women who are overweight and with a past history of breast cancer. If you find it challenging to manage your weight, consider talking to your doctor about this so they can give you some expert advice on how you can balance your food intake with physical activity.

3. Have kids while you’re young.

If you have the option to have kids before you reach the age of 30, go for it. Giving birth to your first child before you hit your 30s will decrease your risk of having breast cancer compared to those who’ve had their first full-term pregnancy and their first child while in their 30s.

4. Breast-feed your baby.

While breastfeeding benefits your baby, it also plays a very important role in breast cancer prevention. In fact, the longer you breast-feed your child, the greater protection you have from getting serious breast health issues.

5. Stop smoking.

Studies show that there’s a strong link between smoking and breast cancer, especially among younger, premenopausal women. Even passive smoking—the involuntary inhaling of smoke from other people’s cigarettes—can also have an impact. That’s why you’ll need to do whatever it takes to minimize your exposure to cigarette smoke.

6. Limit alcohol intake.

Women who consume at least two to three alcoholic drinks a day are 20% more likely to develop breast cancer than those who don’t drink at all. It would do you good if you quit drinking altogether because excessive drinking causes you to become highly susceptible to other types of cancers as well.

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Last Updated: March 10th, 2023