How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Undercarriage from Salt

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3 Easy Fixes to Keep Your Car from Rusting this Winter

When winter arrives, many car owners get ready to perform various car maintenance tasks to prepare their vehicles for the harsher weather conditions brought by the drop in temperature and the snow.

The tasks include protecting the car’s exterior, changing fluids, replacing wiper blades, checking the batteries, and rotating the tires.

However, many vehicle owners fail to protect their cars against one often seldom-noticed road problem in winter — road salt damage. In areas where snow is heavy, salt is spread by road crews to melt the ice and prevent accidents.

When exposed to salt from the road, your vehicle’s exterior becomes prone to rust and corrosion over time. It is even worse for your vehicle’s undercarriage, which is highly vulnerable because it is unpainted and unprotected. It is also the area that comes into contact the most with road salt.

The good news is that there are ways to protect your vehicle from road salt damage. Here are some simple steps you can take.

1. Avoid puddles.

The way you drive affects your car’s exposure to the elements. Be careful to avoid puddles or patches of snow that have absorbed road salt. This will minimize your undercarriage’s exposure to the harmful element.

2. Wash your car regularly.

Wash your car at regular intervals during winter. Be sure to wash not just the body of the car but also the undercarriage as this area sometimes goes unnoticed. The use of a high-powered pressure washer is recommended.

3. Use undercoating.

You can keep your undercarriage rust-free and salt-damage-free by giving it an oil or wax-based undercoating to shield it from salt, moisture, and dirt. You can use atomized oil sprays to coat the underside of your car. This gives added protection to your vehicle.


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