How to Protect Your Vehicle from Rust

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How to Protect Your Vehicle from Rust: 6 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

If vehicles have one common enemy, it’s got to be rust. Not only does it give an unappealing look to one’s car, it can also damage metallic parts, wear down the engine, and shorten the vehicle’s lifespan.

Once your clunker gets rusty, expect it to die slowly. Like a virus, rust can spread quickly, eating away parts of your vehicle until the latter becomes completely useless. Although you might still be able to fix or replace the damaged parts, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work properly as they used to be.

Before we start giving you tips on how you can shield your precious car from the dangers of rust, we want to provide you with a quick list of its causes first. Automobiles that are more susceptible to corrosion are the ones that are:

  • Used in areas close to the sea.
  • Exposed to extreme cold.
  • Often left outside under the sun.
  • Usually driven on salty roads.
  • Those that don’t get proper care.
  • Those that don’t get checked regularly.

Now that you know why vehicles become rusty, here are six tips on how to protect your vehicle from rust:

  • Maintain a clean automobile.

Since dirt and salt attract rust and corrosion, you need to clean your vehicle every once in a while. If you live in an area that experiences frequent snow or near the sea, it’s best that you wash your car daily. Make sure to leave your car spotless and squeaky clean by checking every part after you’re through with the washing.

  • Wax your car at least once a month.

Wax tends to keep water away from your vehicle. To ensure that your car doesn’t absorb any saltwater, take time to polish it with wax every month.

  • Clear your car’s drain plugs.

Drain plugs blocked with debris or dirt particles allow water to flow out, causing rust to take over. Use a pipe cleaner to clear the plugs out. You can find these plugs along the bottoms of doors and around the edges of your trunk and hood.

  • Wipe away any spill inside your car.

Spills are known to cause rust. The longer a spill stays on your car’s interior, the more chances you’ll be spending for the replacement of your car’s rusted parts in the days ahead. To dry the affected areas faster, use a microfiber towel when wiping.

Before you even see signs of rust damage, you can already stop it from happening by coating auto parts susceptible to rusting with a rustproof spray.

  • Check for rust regularly.

Blisters or bubbles on your car’s painted surface can only mean one thing – the beginning of rust. Once you notice little rust spots, talk to your mechanic right away. Fix the problem immediately to avoid further damage both to your car and your wallet. Average repair prices for minor rusting range from $500 to $1,000. Severe damage would cost you even more.

Donate a Vehicle to Help Save Lives

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