How to Prevent Mildew Growth on Your Vinyl Boat Seats

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6 Ways to Fight Mildew

While it’s undeniable that sailing offers a fun and rewarding experience for boaters, it also comes with a downside: The unending repairs and maintenance.

Taking your boat out in the open waters means more exposure to moisture. Nothing’s worse than uncovering it one day and seeing your upholstery taken over by mildew and smelling a musty odor coming from the cabin.

Mildew and mold can ruin the interior of a vessel, causing you to stress and costing you a big chunk of money to repair. The problem may only start small, but if you ignore it, it will continue to spread and worsen. As the saying goes, prevention is key.

Fortunately, preventing mildew growth on your vinyl boat seats can be done in incredibly simple ways, as you’ll see below:

1. Anti-mold spray

First on the list is perhaps the most obvious solution: spray your vinyl and canvas surfaces with an anti-mold product. This will get rid of mold, mildew, and any stains caused by both elements. Sprays like this also prevent mold and mildew from coming back and eliminate any odors they produce.

2. Fan

Without circulating air, your boat creates the perfect atmosphere for mildew to grow and spread to other areas, making them susceptible to damage. That’s why having a fan is always a good idea.

3. Heater

A heater is another piece of equipment you’d want to install in your boat to prevent mildew. It can help dry out any moisture that may already have entered your watercraft, thus stopping mildew from growing.

4. Sunlight

There’s no better way to dry all the areas of your boat than by exposing them to the sun all day. Make it a habit to dry your seats and hang out your canvas cover after cleaning them.

5. Fresh air

Airing out your vessel tends to stop mildew from forming and lingering. Like mold, mildew loves poorly ventilated areas, which is why keeping your boat ventilated can stop them from invading.

6. Silica gel

We often see silica gel packets in our newly bought bags, shoes, and purses. Wondering what they are for? Silica gel is there to absorb water vapor in dark places, which then prevents any mildew or mold from growing in those areas. That said, you can avoid any moisture buildup in your boat by simply placing silica gel packs in closed spaces.


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