How to Prepare Your Home for Weather-Related Emergencies

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Essential Tips to Ensure Your Safety

Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, ice storm, blizzard, or massive flooding, severe weather can wreak havoc on our homes. The best way to keep your house and everyone inside safe is by being prepared in the event of these natural calamities.

Breast Cancer Car Donations shares the things you need to do to prepare for any weather-related emergencies:

1. Gather emergency supplies.

During and after a calamity, you’ll need supplies to keep everybody in the household safe and comfortable. Keep in mind that hurricanes and tornadoes can cause power and water outages. That’s why you need to keep certain items readily available in your home. You won’t likely be able to drive to get these emergency supplies when roads are blocked or heavily flooded.

That said, make sure to stock up on the following items once you hear news about an incoming hurricane or any other extreme weather disturbance:

  • Emergency power sources such as flashlights (and their batteries)
  • First aid kit
  • Food and water supply
  • Personal items
  • Important documents such as medical documents, passports, personal IDs, and wills
  • Extra phone (and charger)
  • Spare house and car keys
  • Local maps
  • Weather radio
  • Fire extinguisher

2. Be prepared for a power outage.

Power outages are not uncommon during heavy storms, which is why you should learn as early as now how to safely go through a period with no electricity. Here are some tips:

  • Unplug your appliances.

Unless you have a generator, pull the plugs from all of your appliances — refrigerator, television, microwave, you name it.

  • Use gas to cook food that will spoil.

If the damage inflicted on your house is only minor, you can still cook on a gas stove or a gas grill. Just be sure that you have a lighter or matchbox at hand.

  • Write important contact details on paper.

For lack of power, your phone battery may die during the outage, which means that you might not be able to make important calls or texts. To remedy this, list down all your contact numbers and addresses you might need, so you can immediately call them on your landline phone once power is restored.

  • Cover up your windows.

Using storm shutters or nailing pieces of plywood to the outside window frames of your house will not only prevent damage to your windows but will also keep you and your family safe from shattered glass pieces.

  • Clear your yard.

Make sure there’s no object in your yard that could damage your house once it gets blown away during a tornado or storm. Put your lawn furniture, propane tanks, grills, building materials, and other outdoor items inside your house or under shelter.

  • Designate a safe room.

Your safe room should be the area where family members can seek refuge once calamity strikes. Choose the room that offers the most protection and make sure that the ceiling, walls, and door can withstand high winds.

3. Get your house ready for evacuation.

If authorities advise you and other residents of a particular area to evacuate, take heed immediately. Never ignore an order to evacuate since even the sturdiest homes can be destroyed by a powerful hurricane or tornado.

If there’s a need to evacuate, follow these steps:

  • Unplug your appliances.
  • Turn off electricity, gas, and water.
  • Grab your emergency supply kit and valuables.
  • Follow the roads recommended by emergency workers no matter how heavy the traffic may be.
  • If you have pets, ask your local emergency management office if they offer accommodations for people with pets.


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