How Journaling Can Help You During These Uncertain Times

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Are Your Emotions Swinging Too Much to the Extremes?

As people worldwide struggle to live through this devastating pandemic, thoughts and emotions could be all over the place. In these times of uncertainty and an era of social disconnectedness, people have all the time and the reasons to worry about their jobs, health, loved ones, the economy, and everything else in-between.

When your feelings are swinging too much to the extremes, you need something to calm you down and bring you back to the center. This is where journaling comes in. Keeping a journal will not only help you explore your experiences as well as your emotions but will also make it easier for you to clear out any upsetting thoughts that may enter your mind.


How Journaling Can Help You

No matter what your situation may be, whether you’ve got plenty of free time or you’re as busy as a bee, documenting your thoughts and emotions in a journal can help you get in touch with what’s really important to you. If you want to take the chance to rethink your life in the midst of the pandemic and all the changes and uncertainties it brings, journaling can help make this happen. Here are the benefits of journaling:

1. It gives you a chance to reflect.

When you write down what has happened to you, you give yourself a chance to reflect. As a result, you become more keenly aware of the things that you can control and those that you can’t. Once you’ve learned to separate one from the other, it would be easier for you to focus more on what you can change.

2. It allows you to “brain-dump” your negative emotions.

Journaling allows you to dump all your insecurities, anxieties, pains, disappointments, anger, and frustrations on paper. As you do this, you free yourself from the stresses that have managed to build up over time. The more you do this, the more you rid yourself of the toxic emotions that can hinder your happiness.

3. It helps boost your memory.

Writing things down will help your brain store more information that you’ll be able to recall in the future. Aside from enhancing your memory, journaling also improves your comprehension and cognitive processing. In other words, it boosts your ability to apply all of the information that you’ve learned into your everyday life.

4. It evokes mindfulness.

Mindfulness can help you stay in the present without losing perspective. As journaling evokes mindfulness, you begin to recognize the patterns that are significant to your growth as a person. According to research, those who express themselves through journaling tend to develop a more structured and integrative perspective about their lives, others, and the world around them.


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Journaling can help you become more aware of the needs of the less fortunate people in your community. They include those needy folks who are suffering from breast cancer and who don’t have enough financial resources to pay for the high cost of their treatment and healthcare.

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