How Do You Recharge Your Car A/C?

How Do You Recharge Your Car AC | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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Get Back to Feeling Cool in the Summer Heat!

You get to experience the perfect recipe for an extremely uncomfortable and nauseating ride when your car’s A/C starts blowing hot air. There’s nothing more torturous than being stuck in a vehicle while breathing in the stink of your own sweat mixed with the car’s exhaust fumes. Attempting to roll the windows down may not be enough to put an end to this kind of misery.

Most people think that a car’s air conditioning system injects icy air into the cabin. In reality, this system creates the feeling of cool air by simply removing heat through its compressor while its condenser relies heavily on the heat-absorbing refrigerant. When the A/C system goes hot, this usually indicates that its refrigerant level is running low.

Thankfully, you can do something to correct this problem. By simply recharging the A/C system with a new supply of refrigerants, you can get back to feeling cool again while driving on a hot summer day.


How to Recharge Your Vehicle’s A/C

Recharging your car’s A/C means adding refrigerant into your A/C unit. If you don’t want to do this yourself, a trusted mechanic can easily get the job done for you. However, if you’d rather save the budget for that, Breast Cancer Car Donations has compiled these step-by-step instructions on how you can recharge your car’s A/C.

1. Locate your A/C’s low-side port.

After purchasing a charge kit for your vehicle and identifying the right type of refrigerant, you’ll need to locate your A/C system’s low side port. This should look like the barb on the larger tube that’s located between the compressor and the evaporator. The compressor is mounted to your vehicle’s engine and has a belt while the evaporator looks like an aluminum can.

2. Attach the can of refrigerant.

Next, you’ll have to attach the can of refrigerant to the low-side port. While you’re at it, pull back the outer slip ring and push it on before you release it. Start the engine and check the gauge reading after you turn the A/C system on max. The front of the compressor should be spinning and the compressor clutch should be engaged.

3. Keep on dispensing refrigerants.

You’ll have to keep on dispensing refrigerants until you reach the desired level. Avoid over-pressurizing the system by rechecking the pressure. Before you remove the empty can, don’t forget to flip it over to dispense the remaining oil.

4. Check for leaks.

Checking the system for minor leaks using a UV kit is extremely important to make necessary repairs right away. You can closely examine the system’s valves and junction points by using a UV pen.


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