Handling Packages During The Coronavirus

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How to Handle Packages During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus has turned the entire world upside down. In areas where the contagion is on the rise, people have been ordered to isolate themselves in their homes and practice physical distancing. The authorities have imposed these measures because the virus spreads mainly through contact with infected persons through the droplets or tiny particles they release when they cough or sneeze.

You can also get infected if you touch contaminated surfaces and objects, such as the packages you’ve ordered online. You don’t know whether the people who sorted the items were infected or not, how the packages were handled during shipping, and how the journey went from the packages’ place of origin into your home.

With a lot of unknowns about the handling of your packages, you’ll want to stay on the safe side and assume that they can be probable sources of infection.

The lifespan of the novel coronavirus depends on the surface it lands on. On some surfaces, the virus can last for only a couple of hours, but on others such as cardboard, the pathogen has the potential to survive for up to 24 hours. This was found out in a study conducted by the Laboratory of Virology together with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

For the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the advice stands that you should always practice proper hygiene such as handwashing with soap and water or disinfecting your hands with a 70-percent alcohol solution, especially if you think you’ve handled or will be handling contaminated items.

The virus can’t infect you by getting on your hands alone — they still need to get inside your body. That’s why as much as possible, do not touch your mouth, eyes, or nose.

The fatality rate for those infected is quite low, but if you’re already battling a deadly disease such as breast cancer, there’s a chance the virus can make things much worse.


How to Disinfect Your Packages

Since you’ll be using your hands in handling your packages, the important thing is that you don’t get them near your mouth and nose. Don’t get them near anyone else’s body either! As soon as you’re done opening the packages, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. You can use a 70-percent alcohol solution if you can’t immediately wash your hands. Some people even suggest spraying the packages (assuming they don’t contain fruits or open food) with a mixture of bleach and water. Only spray the outer or cover area. There’s no need to spray the items inside the packages.

Those who deliver the packages into the homes of consumers may also have their own disinfection or sanitation measures to ensure that the packages they deliver are COVID-19-free. This should ease your mind, knowing that the people handling your packages are also taking their own precautions.


 Breast Cancer Patients Face Greater Risk

The risk of coronavirus infection is indeed high since even the packages delivered to our homes can be potential carriers of the pathogen. The risk is even greater for people who are in their senior years and those who have weak or compromised immune systems. This sector of the population includes people who are suffering from chronic illnesses and deadly diseases such as breast cancer.

Indeed, the coronavirus has made life even more difficult for breast cancer sufferers. Already reeling from the soaring cost of their treatment, these patients must now have to contend with another serious threat to their health.

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