Get Ready for September 22nd — It’s Autumn Equinox!

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Learn These Amazing Facts About the Start of the Fall Season

Autumn equinox is one of the two times in a year when the length of day and night is nearly equal in length. This year, the day falls on September 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s the date when the Sun crosses the celestial equator going south. This is considered the first day of fall.

Since seasons are opposite on either side of the equator, the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is known as the vernal or spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, marking the first day of spring in that part of the world.

The other equinox happens in March (either the 19th, 20th, or 21st day) when the Sun crosses the celestial equator from south to north. This marks the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

Equinox is a term derived from the Latin word aequus, meaning “equal,” and nox, which means “night.” The combined two words mean equal night.


Amazing Facts about the Autumn Equinox

In the Northern Hemisphere, the autumn equinox marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. The fall season ends on December 21st, the date of this year’s winter solstice. That’s the time when the Earth’s North Pole is tilted furthest away from the Sun.

Here are other amazing facts about the autumn equinox:

  • The autumn equinox typically falls on September 22nd or 23rd. However, in 2092 and 2096, the celestial event is projected to take place on September 21st. It will fall on September 24th in 2303. The last time this happened was in 1931.
  • The full moon closest to the September equinox is called the Harvest Moon. It is considered a special event as the time between one moonrise to the next becomes shorter. Traditionally, the early moonrise for a few days around the equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is a positive event since farmers could work and harvest their crops for a longer time in the evening.
  • For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the chances to see aurora borealis displays or Northern Lights increase around the time of the September equinox.
  • There are many traditions in the world related to the September equinox. Greeks believe that this is the signal for Persephone’s return to the Underworld. The Japanese traditionally clean the graves of their loved ones to prepare for their ascent to Nirvana. The Moon Festival in China celebrates the abundance of the summer’s harvest.


Start a New Tradition for Autumn Equinox

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Make Them Feel Like It’s Springtime Today!

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