Frozen Car Door Locks: 6 Practical Solutions For This Wintertime Car Problem

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Defrost Those Locks in Record Time with These Tips!

Imagine this scenario: You’re already running late for work, but your car door won’t open because it’s frozen shut. It’s a hassle that many car owners have to deal with during the long winter months.

You don’t have to lose your cool over it though because, with some patience and know-how, you can defrost that door lock by doing any of the following solutions:

1. Check all the locks.

Consider yourself lucky if not all the locks in your car are frozen shut. If you can get inside the car through one of the doors, simply turn the heater on.

2. Use a de-icer solution.

Having a de-icer can be quite handy during winter. You can use the aerosol type with a nozzle that directs the de-icer to the lock. There is also one with a heating element that warms up the lock, thus getting rid of the ice.

3. Spray it with WD-40.

Your trusty WD-40 can also work as a de-icer if you spray it onto your key. It is said that de-icer and WD-40 combined can prevent ice from forming.

4. Matches and lighters.

You can warm up your key by lightly exposing it to light from a match or lighter. Be mindful that the key does not get too hot and the light does not reach the remote to prevent computer chip damage.

5. Use a straw.

You can do a MacGyver by using a straw. Placing the straw over the lock and blowing warm air into the cylinder may thaw the ice enough allowing you to insert your key to open the door.

6. Use a hair dryer.

One surefire way of melting the ice in your car door lock is by using a hair dryer to blow warm air into it.

Retire Your Old Car Graciously by Giving It a Noble Purpose

If having frozen car door locks in winter is the least of your worries for your old commuter car, it may be high time to think about getting an upgrade.

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