Earth Day: 4 Ways to Improve Your Local Environment and Care for Our Planet

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Celebrate 51st Anniversary of This Holiday on April 22nd

Every April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day to remind ourselves and others that caring for nature, plants, and the land is essential in protecting our planet and our health.

This year, we mark the 51st anniversary of this holiday with the theme “Restore Our Earth.” With social distancing and other safety protocols still in effect amid the raging coronavirus pandemic, Earth Day events will be held mostly online. To see a catalog of official events, visit

Earth Day is not only meant to increase our awareness of environmental problems. It also serves to inspire and encourage people to organize campaigns in their community to clean up litter and plant trees. This year’s celebration seeks to mobilize over one billion people to deal with various environmental crises in the world today.

Here is a list of Earth Day activities and projects that you can do to improve your local environment and care for our planet.

1. Start plogging.

Going for your regular socially distanced jog? Get into the habit of “plogging”, which is picking up litter while jogging. You’ll be doing Mother Earth a favor when the litter you collect does not end up in our oceans.

2. Get into regenerative agriculture.

Whether you are simply starting your backyard garden or farming on an industrial scale, adopting regenerative agriculture practices can help in aligning your practices toward sustainability. Regenerative agriculture seeks to incorporate rehabilitative components to farming, which enhances the ecosystem of the area by managing soil health, water, and fertilizer use.

3. Donate toward sustainability.

Find a nonprofit organization in your community that promotes environmental sustainability. Support its projects by donating cash or non-cash items or volunteering your services.

4. Add sustainability to the curriculum.

Lobby for environmental sustainability to be incorporated into your children’s curriculum. Educating kids on caring for the planet helps them get into sustainable habits that will save the planet for their generation. Introducing climate literacy to students helps them develop a sense of stewardship while they are still young.


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