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5 Things to Prepare For Before a Chemo Session

Patients diagnosed with cancer are given different treatment recommendations depending on their case. Many of them undergo a combination of chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

For breast cancer patients, among the most common and effective treatments is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy or chemo uses anti-cancer drugs that are injected intravenously or taken orally by patients. The medicine reaches the bloodstream to kill fast-growing cancer cells in the body.

Because chemotherapy uses strong drugs to stop the cancer spread and eliminate cancer cells in the body, it takes its toll on the patient. Common side effects from the treatment include fatigue, nausea, hair loss, bruising, and loss of appetite.

If you or your loved one is set to undergo this treatment, Breast Cancer Car Donations suggests the following preparatory steps:

1. Clear your schedule.

Chemo treatments are not a one-time affair. They go through cycles, and the body takes time to recover from each session. Make sure to clear your schedule when there is a confirmed chemo session. Do not do strenuous activities during this time.

2. Get help.

Seek help from family and friends, especially in driving to and from the session. Having someone accompany you can provide you with emotional support during the treatment and after. You may also need some help taking care of things in the house like cooking, cleaning, or caring for the family and even pets.

3. Know your rights.

The law requires employers to provide time off for their employees for their chemotherapy sessions. Seek consideration from your employer with this in mind.

4. Eat healthily.

Stock up on healthy food to help your body recover from the strenuous treatment. Make sure to include fruits and vegetables on your grocery run. Some teas might help ease nausea as well.

5. Buy a wig.

Most chemo patients lose their hair during treatment, so it may be helpful to purchase a wig, a hat, or a scarf to cover the baldness. Pick one that feels natural and comfortable to you.


How You Can Help Breast Cancer Sufferers in Your Community

Thousands of women across the United States are suffering from breast cancer. Sadly, many of them are unable to access life-saving treatments like chemotherapy simply because they lack the money to pay for them.

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