Can Breast Cancer Treatments Affect My Ability To Have A Baby?

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Breast Cancer FAQ: Can Breast Cancer Treatment Affect My Ability to Have a Baby?

If you’re a breast cancer survivor or a breast cancer patient undergoing therapy, having a baby might be one of the most challenging decisions you can ever make. Knowing the side effects of breast cancer treatments, many survivors wonder whether or not these would affect their childbearing abilities.

Breast cancer treatment often involves radiation. Aside from this, chemotherapy is another treatment that is known to decrease the chances of patients to bear a child. However, if a woman is still hoping to conceive after fighting off breast cancer, there are options that she can discuss with her healthcare providers.


‘Can Breast Cancer Treatment Affect My Ability to Have a Baby?’

One of the major side effects of chemotherapy is damage to a woman’s egg. Even if the woman’s age and the type of chemotherapy drug used and its dosage are considered, it can still be hard to tell if that patient would still remain fertile after undergoing treatment. Chemotherapy can impair the function of a woman’s ovaries, which could delay or cause immediate infertility.

Another issue is radiation therapy. Radiation works by stopping the growth of cells—whether they’re cancer cells or healthy cells. When radiation hits the pelvic region, it could damage the healthy cells within the area, causing temporary or permanent infertility.


Talk to Your Doctor

If you are still hoping to get pregnant after your breast cancer treatments, the best thing you can do is to talk to your primary healthcare provider. Your doctor will tell you the risks of getting pregnant and in giving birth after breast cancer treatments.

Your doctor may also explain to you the alternatives and plans that can make it possible for your body to conceive after your treatments are completed.

It might interest you to know that women tend to increase their chances of survival by giving birth after treatments, according to studies.

Another option would be for you to preserve your fertility by freezing your egg before you start your chemotherapy and radiation treatments. More and more child-bearing cancer patients are resorting to this method of conception.


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