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10 Early Breast Cancer Symptoms That You Shouldn’t Ignore

As soon as you or any of your loved ones discover one or two of the early breast cancer symptoms, a visit to the doctor shouldn’t be delayed. A person is diagnosed with breast cancer when a malignant tumor forms in their breast tissues. This tumor is caused by cells that grow or replicate at an uncontrollable rate.


Detecting Early Breast Cancer Symptoms Could Save Lives

The main reason behind the cause of breast cancer is yet to be determined, but knowing the early warning signs of breast cancer symptoms could save a person’s life. Here are the top 10 breast cancer symptoms that you shouldn’t dare to ignore:

  • Appearance of a lump

These lumps may be hard or soft. Some lumps are much too little to be detected through palpation or physical examination. It’s best if a routine mammogram is conducted regularly especially to women who are over 40 years old.

  • Changes in the skin around the breast

There may be a tingling sensation in the affected area, or it may feel a bit itchy. Also, it may exhibit a certain degree of redness in color and may appear to be dimpled or swelled up.

  • Painful sensation

Pain is present during any of the breast cancer stages. The tumor’s growth puts pressure on the surrounding areas in the chest area, that’s why the degree of pain increases as the size of the tumor increases. Extreme pain can be felt when the cancer spreads to the ribs and the skin.

  • Nipple discharge

Anytime a woman discovers any form of discharge from her nipple, she would need to have a doctor run a series of tests to confirm the diagnosis. It doesn’t matter if the consistency of the discharge is thick or watery or if its color is clear, yellowish or bloody red. An abnormal nipple discharge is almost a surefire symptom of breast cancer.

  • Swelling

When the cancerous lymph nodes that are found under the arms begin to swell up, they block the normal flow of fluids throughout the body. This causes swelling in various areas such as the breast itself, the arm, and the armpit.

  • Shortness of breath

When the tumor becomes larger and is positioned along the chest wall, the patient will experience shortness of breath. At times, a hacking cough may accompany this sensation. Although these symptoms don’t automatically mean that a person has breast cancer, these should be taken seriously when other breast cancer symptoms occur at the same time.

  • Fatigue

An indication that a person has breast cancer is when they constantly feel tired. This is due to the changes that happen in the body as the cancer grows. No amount of rest or sleep could seem to make this lethargic feeling go away.

  • Insomnia

An affected person’s anxious thoughts related to breast cancer would cause sleeping problems. When they do fall asleep, it would not be for long since physical discomfort or pain that’s stabbing, dull or shooting, would wake them up.

  • Stomach discomfort

Upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation usually occur when a person has any type of cancer. This can be triggered by the anxiety that a person could feel upon sensing the cancer growing in their body. These symptoms can be treated with prescription medications.

  • Difficulty in walking and/or sitting

This usually happens when the cancer begins to spread to the bones, which causes considerable discomfort or pain. In worse cases, the severe pain may occur when the affected person attempts to move their spine, pelvis, hips, arms, or legs. As a result, walking or sitting become extremely painful.

It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

If you have two or more of these breast cancer symptoms, don’t waste time and talk to your doctor about it right away. Remember that breast cancer that’s discovered at its earliest stages responds better to treatment compared to those diagnosed at a much later stage.

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