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Know the Difference Between Breast Cancer Survival Rates and Relative Survival Rates

It’s an incredibly frightening statistic — 1 in 8 women will face breast cancer at some point in her life. While this may sound alarming, the good news is that survival rates for this life-threatening disease have been trending up in recent years. Thanks to early detection and advances in medical treatments, most breast cancer patients now have a high chance of survival.

Today’s healthcare professionals have seen marked improvements in breast cancer survival rates across all stages. Although the disease still affects hundreds of thousands of women in the country each year, the outlook for them is much brighter than it was decades ago.

Breast Cancer Car Donations takes a close look at breast cancer survival rates to give you a better sense of how treatments are likely to succeed in most breast cancer cases.

The two main measurements researchers use when making a prognosis are breast cancer survival rates and relative survival rates.


What Is Breast Cancer Survival Rate?

Breast cancer survival rate refers to the percentage of patients who are alive five years or longer after getting diagnosed with the disease. In other words, these numbers are based on women who were found to have the disease at least five years ago.


What Is a Relative Survival Rate?

The relative survival rate, on the other hand, doesn’t consider the cause of death. Instead, it measures the percentage of breast cancer patients who have lived for a certain amount of time after diagnosis, compared to those who don’t have the condition.


Key Breast Cancer Survival Rates

  • The overall 5-year breast cancer relative survival rate is 90%, which means that 90 of 100 women continue to live five years after their diagnosis.
  • The 10-year relative survival rate is 84%, which means that 84 out of 100 breast cancer women are alive 10 years after getting diagnosed.
  • The invasive 15-year breast cancer relative survival rate is 80%, which means that 80 out of 100 patients are alive 15 years after their diagnosis.

It’s crucial to keep in mind, however, that survival rates are just estimates. They are usually based on previous outcomes of a large population of people who were diagnosed with a specific type of cancer. If you are a breast cancer patient, we recommend that you talk with your doctor to know how these numbers may apply to you.


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