Breast Cancer Statistics Worldwide

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Know the Facts: Breast Cancer Statistics Worldwide

Although almost everyone we know must have heard about the serious effects of breast cancer, only a few of us would probably care to find out about breast cancer statistics worldwide. Let’s increase our awareness in this area by educating ourselves further about the global incidence rates of this deadly disease.

How Does Breast Cancer Develop?

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the cells of the breast. It starts when cancerous cells in the breast grow uncontrollably. Most breast cancer usually begins either from the ducts that contain the milk, also known as ductal cancer, or in the glands that produce the milk, or lobular cancer.

The cancer cells later develop into a tumor that can sometimes be felt as a lump or in some cases detected through x-ray. Although breast cancer is most commonly diagnosed in women, men still have a slight chance of developing the disease.

Breast Cancer Not a Rare Disease

Breast cancer is known to be the most diagnosed form of cancer in women around the world. The American Cancer Society reports that breast cancer comprises 25% of all diagnosed forms of cancer worldwide. According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, breast cancer is also one of the leading causes of deaths in women in developing countries, with 1.7 million diagnosed cases in 2012.

Countries That Have High Breast Cancer Incidence Rates

Incident rates for breast cancer worldwide have been reported to be higher in the United Kingdom and the United States compared to those in other countries. However, breast cancer-related deaths have been noted to be higher in developing countries compared to those in Western countries.

This may be due to the fact that people in developing countries often get diagnosed only at the more advanced stage of the disease and their access to proper treatment is limited. In developed nations, breast cancer cases are more often detected at an early stage and proper treatment is immediately laid out for many of the patients, making their survival rates higher than those in the developing countries.

What Are the Risk Factors?

Even up to this date, the cause of breast cancer is still unknown to medical professionals and scientists. However, certain risk factors have been identified as significant contributors to the development of this deadly disease. These risk factors are:

1. Life events

Women who have an early onset of menstruation (before 12 years old), late menopause, and pregnancy after the age of 30 are said to be at a higher risk of developing the disease due to prolonged exposure to estrogen and progesterone.

2. Obesity

Obesity causes the body to increase blood estrogen levels. High body fat can be associated with a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

3. Genetics

Genes play a very important role in passing on a disease from parent to child. In fact, 5% to 10% of the diagnosed cases of breast cancer are hereditary.

How We Fight Breast Cancer

With the increasing prevalence of breast cancer worldwide, Breast Cancer Car Donations works in the hopes of decreasing the incidence rates as well as the death rates in women diagnosed with the life-threatening disease.

As the partner of two of the nation’s leading breast cancer-fighting nonprofit organizations—the American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) and Women Involved In Nurturing, Giving, Sharing, Inc. (WINGS)—we operate online vehicle donation programs on their behalf so they can focus on their life-saving missions. The funding we provide helps these charities in delivering comprehensive breast health services to uninsured and underserved individuals, providing them with financial assistance, education, early detection, and access to medical facilities where they undergo full treatment, thereby increasing their chances of surviving the disease.

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