Breast Cancer: Stage 2 Treatment

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Battling Breast Cancer: Stage 2 Treatments

Doctors have time and again emphasized how important early detection is in the process of treating breast cancer. Determining the stage of breast cancer can help determine what treatment options will work best for the patient. If a woman is diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, it’s imperative for her to start receiving treatment at once to prevent the spread of the cancer cells.


What is Stage 2 Breast Cancer?

Stage 2 breast cancer is still considered as an early stage. However, in this case, the tumor might have spread throughout the breast tissue or lymph nodes or, oftentimes, in both areas.  This stage is further divided into two stages or categories where the difference lies in the size of the tumor present.


A Closer Look at Battling Breast Cancer: Stage 2 Treatments

Women with stage 2 breast cancer are usually faced with a more aggressive anti-cancer treatment options. However, it’s also the stage when breast cancer best responds to treatments. To give you a closer look at battling breast cancer: Stage 2 treatments, Breast Cancer Car Donations shows the usual combination of treatments that doctors recommend for individuals with stage 2 breast cancer:

1. Total mastectomy

Total mastectomy means the complete removal of all of the patient’s breast tissues. In some cases, the surgeon also removes some of the affected lymph nodes. A woman can also choose to have breast reconstruction surgery immediately after the removal of her breast tissue.

2. Chemotherapy

After undergoing surgery, a patient also needs to go through a series of chemotherapy treatments to remove the remaining cancer cells in the breast. Chemotherapy can also be done before the surgery to shrink the tumor and make it easier to remove via surgery.

3. Targeted therapy

Studies show that some women with breast cancer have an excessive amount of the protein called HER2, which aggravates the growth of the cancer cells. Through targeted therapy, drugs such as trastuzumab (Herceptin) and pertuzumab (Perjeta) are prescribed to reduce the HER2 protein in women.


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