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Facts About Breast Cancer: Stage 1 Treatments

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women all over the world. Most of those who are battling this life-threatening disease will tell you that they will never forget the day when they found out that they had it. When the doctor confirmed that the lump they once hoped was benign was in fact malignant, their emotions kicked into overdrive as fear, anxiety, depression, and anger suddenly filled their mind.

It’s normal to feel all kinds of emotions when a woman finds herself in this situation. However, breast cancer patients shouldn’t lose all hope. Knowing more about breast cancer and the treatment options available for the stage they’re currently in can empower them and maybe even improve their prognosis.

Before anything else, it’s important to understand what stage 1 breast cancer means.


What is Stage 1 Breast Cancer?

Stage 1 breast cancer is considered as the invasive stage where the microscopic tumors have spread to all lymph nodes. This means that cancer has penetrated beyond the layer of tissue in which it developed and that it’s growing into the healthy tissues that surround the affected area. It doesn’t mean that it has invaded other parts of the body yet.

This stage is further categorized into two parts: 1A and 1B. Stage 1A breast cancer can be manifested through a tumor that measures no more than 2 centimeters in diameter. Stage 1B, on the other hand, can be presented as a cluster of cancer cells with a diameter not exceeding 2 millimeters.


Facts About Beating Breast Cancer: Stage 1 Treatments

There are various effective treatment options for patients with stage 1 breast cancer. Treatments are broken down into two categories: Local and systemic treatments. Local treatment includes radiation therapy and surgery while systemic treatment includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy.

Breast Cancer Car Donations gives you a closer look at the facts about beating breast cancer: Stage 1 treatments:

1. Lumpectomy

A lumpectomy is usually an outpatient procedure that involves the removal of the lumps and the surrounding tissue. The patient’s breast will still be intact after this is performed. However, the procedure can possibly leave a scar where the incision was made.

2. Mastectomy

Mastectomy is the removal of breast tissue through surgery. Depending on the severity of the case, it’s possible for the patient to undergo a bilateral mastectomy where tissues in both breasts will be removed.

3. Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is usually ordered for patients who have undergone a lumpectomy.  In other cases, mastectomy patients may also need to undergo radiation therapy to completely kill all the cancer cells.

4. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the most common cancer treatment. The chemicals can be administered orally or directly through a patient’s veins. Most of the time, chemotherapy for stage 1 breast cancer is only used as an adjuvant treatment, which means that it’s a supplementary therapy that aims to eliminate undetected cancer cells that may have gone beyond the breast tissue.

5. Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is the usual treatment option for older women with stage 1 breast cancer. It’s also recommended after surgery or chemotherapy. This works by reducing the release of the hormone estrogen, which can promote the growth of more cancer cells.

Certain factors have to be considered when choosing the treatment option that would best suit an individual. Patients need to talk to their doctors about the risks that come with each treatment.


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