Back-to-School Month: 5 Practical and Simple Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for the New School Year

Get Your Kids Ready for the New School Year | Breast Cancer Car Donations

This August, Prepare to Face Challenges Once Again

August is Back to School Month, so it’s time yet again for parents and students to bid goodbye to summer routines to prepare for the resumption of classes.

The new school year is once again bound to present challenges for parents. Aside from preparing the materials that their schoolkids will need for their classes, parents also need to make sure that their young ones are mentally and physically ready for school.

To help you ease your kids into the new school year, Breast Cancer Car Donations has compiled these simple and practical tips:

1. Set ground rules.

It sounds simple and corny, but having a serious discussion with your kids about ground rules will save you from a lot of grief and misunderstandings along the way. Having an opportunity to start afresh and avoid past mistakes can help your kids look forward to the new school year with optimism.

Returning to school means fresh adjustments to new classes, classmates, and teachers and this could make them anxious. After telling them what you expect from them, listen to their concerns and let them know that they can always count on you for help.

2. Limit screen time.

With the availability of multiple social media platforms, kids and parents alike may get carried away with the conveniences of technology that it takes up too much of their time. Set limits on screen time for each member of your family and encourage your kids to comply without protesting.

3. Set a routine.

Your kids making it to the school bus on time is not the only challenge you need to meet. You also have to craft a schedule that works for everyone in your family, especially if you have multiple kids. Take note of their extracurricular and other school-related activities and allot time for these.

4. Make sure your kids are healthy.

Even though the nation is easing out of the pandemic, we all still need to take precautions to avoid falling ill. Schedule a doctor’s appointment for your kids before their return to school for their regular check-ups and vaccination. Abide by the school’s health and safety protocols on wearing masks and social distancing. Be alert for early signs of sickness in your children.

5. Review safety precautions.

If you have young kids, don’t get tired of reminding them about safety rules such as looking both ways before crossing the street, taking the same route every day if they are walking, familiarizing themselves with crosswalk rules, and being cautious in talking to strangers.


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