7 Ways to Help You Prepare For Your First Chemo

Ways to Help You Prepare For Your First Chemo | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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7 Ways to Help You Prepare for Your First Chemo

The first round of chemotherapy always brings a number of uncertainties and fears for patients since they have no idea what to expect. Your doctor should have already discussed with you the drugs you’ll be taking during treatment as well as their possible side effects. However, your doctor may not be able to tell you the things you should be doing before starting your first chemo.

No need to worry about it though because we are here to help you out. Below are seven ways on how you can get yourself ready for your first chemotherapy session. Not only will these tips give you a comfortable experience during your treatment, but they will also prevent potential problems later on.

  • Buy essential skin care products for yourself before the procedure.

Since chemo leaves your skin dehydrated and dry, make sure that you’ve already stacked up essential products to maintain healthy skin. These include natural sunscreen, gentle cleanser, moisturizing cream, lip balm, and unscented wash.

  • Get yourself a ‘chemo uniform.’

As much as possible, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. A V-neck or short-sleeved shirt is normally advised. Since the chemo room is usually cold, bring a sweater or cardigan with you as well as a hat to keep your head warm. Don’t forget to wear your most comfy socks before getting on your slip-ons.

  • Give your teeth the proper hygienic care they need.

Chemotherapy is known to cause mouth sores. Minimize the risk by brushing your teeth three to five times a day. It’s also best that you use a mild mouthwash for rinsing.

  • Stay hydrated.

The medications used for treatment can make you feel extremely dry or dehydrated every time you finish an infusion. That is why drinking lots of fluids is needed.

  • Shop for a stylish wig.

Just because you’ll lose your hair doesn’t mean you’ll be feeling bad about yourself. Instead of constantly worrying about how you’ll look, make your way to a boutique, try out different hairstyles, and pick one that you feel the prettiest with. Bringing your friends along for fashion advice sounds even more fun!

  • Put your make-up on.

Don’t want to get the appearance of a cancer patient? A powder bronzer and blush will do the trick. With them covering your face and eye bags, you won’t even look like you have breast cancer.

  • Get a buddy to support you.

It’s a good idea to have a close friend or family member accompany you during your chemotherapy, especially if it’s your first. As you’ll be digesting a lot of information from your cancer care team, having an extra set of ears makes it easier to recall these details later on. Plus, the presence of a loved one during difficult times can already lift you up.


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