7 Common Symptoms of a Bad or Clogged Fuel Filter

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These Signs Will Let You Know If Something’s Wrong

Before fuel gets inside the engine of your car, your fuel filter cleans it of all possible contaminants, thus protecting your engine from potential damage.

Unfortunately, even the best fuel filter out there has a limited lifespan. As your fuel filter continues to trap contaminants, it eventually gets clogged, reducing the flow of fuel to the engine. It will eventually reach a point when you’ll need to have your fuel filter cleaned or replaced.

Just like other vehicle components, a fuel filter going bad will give some tell-tale signs. Here are seven common symptoms that you have a bad or clogged fuel filter:

1. The check engine light is turning on.

Your check engine light can illuminate for multiple reasons. A bad fuel filter is one of them.

2. Your car is having trouble starting.

Your engine needs a combination of air and fuel to start. If your fuel filter is severely clogged, there won’t be enough fuel passing through to start your car.

3. Your engine stalls.

A bad fuel filter can cause your engine to stall because of insufficient fuel supply. While you may have enough fuel in your tank, your vehicle might be burning more than what’s passing through the filter when it’s running.

4. Engine misfires.

Fuel filters that are fully clogged can cause engine misfires, especially if you’re putting your engine under heavy strain.

5. Your fuel pump gets damaged.

Any clogging in the fuel filter can stress out your car’s fuel pump, eventually damaging it.

6. You suffer from poor fuel economy.

With a clogged fuel filter, your engine will need additional fuel to keep running. This causes your car to consume more fuel than usual.

7. You’ll smell a noticeable odor.

If you notice a strong odor coming from your vehicle, it can be a symptom of a bad fuel filter. It’s possibly due to your engine burning more fuel than usual.


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