7 Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know About

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You Shouldn’t Ignore These Symptoms!

Did you know that in the United States alone, 264,000 cases of breast cancer are documented each year, and about 42,000 women and 500 men lose their lives to the disease?

It’s worth noting that breast cancer symptoms may vary from one person to another. Moreover, some people may not even notice these symptoms.

Having an awareness of your breasts’ normal appearance and feel is extremely important. Without this knowledge, you won’t be able to spot abnormalities and have them checked as soon as possible.


Breast Cancer Symptoms to Watch Out For

Breast cancer can show signs and symptoms in its early and later stages. Although discovering a lump in the breast may not automatically indicate breast cancer, it’s still worth checking out. Breast Cancer Car Donations shares some of the most common symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Lump in the breast

Conducting a routine breast self-exam allows individuals to detect painful or painless lumps and thickening breast tissue. A lump in the breast can feel like a marble stuck underneath the skin. If this symptom doesn’t go away even after a woman’s period, this could indicate breast cancer.

Getting regular mammography is crucial since some lumps are too small to be detected upon palpation. This diagnostic procedure is even more important for women over 40 years old or those with a risk factor.

2. Swelling in the armpit or collarbone

Swelling usually occurs when one or more lymph nodes in the armpit or collarbone are blocked. While a swelling lymph node may indicate infection, it could also indicate a malignancy.

3. Changes in breast size

Obvious changes to a breast’s appearance, such as swelling or a color change, occurring over a short period could be a sign of breast cancer.

4. Dimpling around the breast

Skin dimpling in the breast may look like an orange peel. This symptom could indicate the development of the most common type of breast cancer called invasive lobular carcinoma. In some cases, skin dimpling could feel itchy, and a lump may or may not be felt under the skin.

5. Nipple discharges

Nipple discharges aren’t normal unless a woman is breastfeeding. The discharges could appear clear, bloody, or with pus. It is often accompanied by a lump or tenderness around the breast.

6. Nipple retraction

Nipple retraction or inversion can be caused by a tumor that’s attacking the milk ducts. The inflammation or scarring of the breast tissue pulls the nearby skin or nipple causing it to turn inward, even when stimulated. Nipple inversion and dimpling are usually more obvious when a woman raises her hand over her head during visual inspection.

7. Painful spots or areas in the breast

In many cases, breast cancer may not be accompanied by some degree of pain. However, some people do experience pain, especially if they’re in the later stages of the disease.


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