6 Fun Ways You Can Celebrate National Christmas Lights Day

Celebrate National Christmas Lights Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

String Up Your Lights on December 1st!

Before electric Christmas lights were invented, people used to balance candles on their Christmas trees as decorations. While this indeed brightened up their homes during the holiday season, it was an unsafe practice that led to several house fires.

The invention of electric Christmas lights by Thomas Edison in 1880 allowed people to decorate and light up their Christmas trees without the risk of starting house fires. However, because of people’s distrust of electricity and the high cost of the decorative lights, the idea of using electric Christmas lights didn’t become popular until several decades later.

In the 1960s, Americans eventually started using Christmas lights to illuminate their trees after getting assurances that the lights were safe to use. Large-scale production and affordable prices made the lights more available to people of all classes. Since then, these festive lights have become an integral part of our holiday celebrations.

In appreciation of how much beauty Christmas lights have brought to our holidays, we have dedicated a day for it — National Christmas Lights Day on December 1stBreast Cancer Car Donations presents six fun ways of celebrating this special day:

1. Buy new Christmas lights.

December 1st offers the perfect excuse to go buy new sets of Christmas lights. Replace your old ones or buy different colored ones to try out.

2. Appreciate Christmas light decorations in your neighborhood.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and appreciate the different Christmas light decorations your neighbors have adorned their houses with.

3. Coordinate with your neighbors on specific designs.

Try talking your neighbors into designing your neighborhood’s Christmas light decorations with a specific colorway or theme in mind.

4. Sync your lights to music.

Bring back this popular trend of using Christmas lights with music. Set your lights to sync with a beat or tune of your choice. You can find a ton of tutorial guides and videos online on how to do this. Here’s one.

5. Check out Christmas light decoration contests.

Look for Christmas light decoration contests in your community and see how creative other people can be in designing their lights.

6. Start decorating your house with Christmas lights.

This is surely the best way to celebrate National Christmas Lights Day. Get started on decorating your tree and your house with Christmas lights.


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As a way of saying thanks for your generosity, we’ll provide you with our free professional towing service. You can get this anywhere you’re making your donation in the United States.

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Shine a Ray of Light in the Lives of Breast Cancer Sufferers | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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