5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Mastectomy

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Simple Things You Can Do to Ease the Burdens of Surgery

Mastectomy is a surgical procedure to remove cancerous breast tissue or to prevent breast cancer. It is typically done if there are cancer cells found in a patient’s breasts. Some patients also opt for this procedure as a preventive measure due to their high risk of developing breast cancer.

If you are a breast cancer patient who is due for a mastectomy, Breast Cancer Car Donations has listed five things that you need to do before you undergo the procedure:

1. Process your feelings.

Whether you are getting a mastectomy as a preventive procedure or as a course of treatment, it is bound to cause a myriad of worries. Give yourself time to process these feelings and emotions — the guilt, the fear, and the anxiety. These are all valid.

2. Find the right surgeon.

Do your research to find the right surgeon to care for your body not only during the procedure but even after. Whether you’re planning to get breast reconstruction done or not, weigh the pros and cons of these procedures by doing research and consulting with a trusted professional to receive the ideal outcome.

3. Check your insurance coverage.

Understand which part of the surgery will be covered by your insurance and what portion will be considered as an out-of-pocket cost. This will help in scheduling your surgeries in case you have to undergo more than one procedure. This will also help you prepare the funds needed so it will not cause you additional stress later.

4. Pick the right time.

Consult with your surgeon about the surgery and recovery schedule that works best for you and your family. Talk to your office’s human resource department about how much sick days you can take off. You may also want to talk to family members about needing help with the kids and the housework after your surgery. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because you will definitely need it.

5. Prepare for additional health protocols.

Hospitals and medical facilities practice additional health protocols before and after patients get surgery amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from having to undergo COVID-19 testing before your mastectomy, you might have to get used to limited interactions with your family after the surgery since hospital visits are either limited or prohibited to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The American College of Surgeons has also come up with instructions on proper home care after a breast cancer patient has been discharged from a medical facility.


How You Can Help Others Afflicted with Breast Cancer

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