5 Tips For Talking To Your Children About Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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5 Tips for Talking to Your Children About Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is undoubtedly devastating and especially difficult for mothers since they would have to eventually tell their children about the diagnosis. For this reason, most of these mothers tend to take their time before they break the news while others just hope that the disease would go away so that they wouldn’t have to talk to their kids about it.

However, we all know that no secrets can be kept hidden forever. If you were recently diagnosed with breast cancer, you’d eventually have to tell your family. For your kids, hearing the news from you is much better than having them know about your condition from someone else.

The best thing for you to do is to figure out how to break the news so that your family would be able to understand and digest the news the best way they can.


How to Tell the News to Your Kids

Unlike grownups, preschoolers can’t really wrap their brains around the concept of breast cancer. The words “breast cancer” may just be another one of those new phrases that they learn each day.

To help you accomplish this challenging task, Breast Cancer Car Donations shares these five tips for talking to your children about your breast cancer diagnosis.

1. Give your children a brief overview of cancer.

You can start by talking to your kids about what cancer is and how it can affect one’s body. For instance, you can tell them about breast cancer facts and the type of treatment that you’ll have to get to fight off cancer. Try to use the simplest terms to your preschoolers and school-age children. It helps if you practice how you’re going to say it beforehand.

2. Be ready to answer their questions.

If it’s their first time to hear the word “breast cancer” and learn about it, they’d most likely ask you a lot of questions about it. Take as much time as you can to answer their questions. If you don’t know how to, you could always reassure them that you’d answer it as soon as you have more information about it.

3. Reassure them that it’s not their fault.

Some children might feel responsible for everything that’s going on—even if that is without basis at all. When this happens, make sure to help them understand that they had nothing to do with your current condition.

4. Allow them to take care of you.

When it comes to taking care of you, your children will be your number one volunteers. In this situation, you can assign some simple tasks to them that are appropriate for their age. For example, you can ask them to fetch you a glass of water or help you carry something.

5. Encourage them to express their feelings.

Always encourage your kids to voice out their opinions and feelings. However, if they’re not ready to talk about it yet, respect their wishes and tell them that it’s alright.

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