5 Resources For Children of Parents Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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5 Resources for Children of Parents Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be very unsettling when it hits any member of a family, especially the mother. Under normal circumstances, it’s already challenging enough for a mother to raise children. To add a breast cancer diagnosis on top of it all can be nothing short of overwhelming.

Did you know that according to research, an estimated 2.85 million children in the United States who are below 18 years old are living with a mother who happens to be a cancer survivor?

When a parent is diagnosed with breast cancer, children experience a flood of emotions that can leave their loved ones wondering how they can demonstrate their support for these kids at a time when they need it the most. It’s important to note that a child’s level of maturity is a critical factor that can influence how they will cope with the fact that their parent has been diagnosed with cancer.


Maintain Communication Within the Family

Some children are less expressive and may deliberately show apparent disinterest in the information they just learned. Many others may outwardly express their anger, worry, confusion, fears, and concerns. What’s important is your availability to talk to them whenever you think they’re ready. As much as they need to be reassured that they can come to you with their questions, you also have to be honest with them when you don’t have the answers that they’re looking for. Telling them that you’re willing to work with them to search for those answers will make them feel less alone.

Know that children can use different methods to cope with their stress. To try to deal with this difficult situation, they may try to distract themselves by playing video games, listening to music, going out with friends more often, or spending time alone. Regardless of how they take the news of your breast cancer diagnosis, remind them that it’s okay to have sad days and to feel the way they do. Impress upon them how much you love and value them as you go through the whole ordeal.

The 5 Resources for Children of Parents with Breast Cancer

Thankfully, nobody has to go through their breast cancer journey alone—including the kids of those who’ve been diagnosed with it. Breast Cancer Car Donations shares these five resources for children of parents diagnosed with breast cancer.

1. KidsCope

This website can provide children and other family members with helpful information about the symptoms of breast cancer and the side effects of treatment. It highlights coping suggestions and features various programs and materials that are meant to send a message of hope to affected families. It includes comic books that are helpful for children who are dealing with their parents’ cancer.

2. Caring Bridge

This is a free health social network that gives families who are coping with breast cancer an opportunity to share news and connect and receive support from each other via personalized webpages.

3. Survivorship A to Z’s Children Resource

This website features a database that tackles the various aspects of support for children whose parents are living with cancer. Check out the comprehensive sections that talk about the common issues encountered by the affected kids.

4. Kids Konnected’s Youth Leadership Training

The purpose of this three-day program is to equip youth leaders with the basic therapeutic skills that are needed to effectively answer cancer-related questions and to develop supportive relationships with each other. An opportunity for self-reflection as well as development is also provided in this training.

5. LIVESTRONG Foundation’s Educational Resources

This is a comprehensive compilation of easy-to-read articles containing cancer information for young adults and others who were recently diagnosed with the disease. It also provides insights on how to effectively face one’s fears and emotions after a breast cancer diagnosis.


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