5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Chemotherapy

Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Chemotherapy | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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What Is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy or “chemo” is a way to treat cancer by using drugs to kill the abnormal cells that cause the disease. Cancer cells grow and divide quickly, flooding the blood and forming solid tumors in the body. Chemotherapy works by targeting these fast-growing cells.

However, it can also affect the healthy ones such as those found in our bone marrow, intestines, and hair (which is why patients undergoing chemotherapy often suffer from hair loss).

Undergoing chemotherapy is not easy. While it can be necessary to fight off or even eliminate cancer, tolerating the side effects caused by the treatment is a battle that patients face daily. Chemo patients experience different side effects, but the most common ones are fatigue, pain, hair loss, and nausea.

Through continuing research and development, chemotherapy today is a bit more bearable than it was a few years ago. Unfortunately, patients still experience side effects.


Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions about the Treatment

Let’s face it: Hearing your doctor suggest chemotherapy as an option can be stressful. Many of us have seen movies and TV shows about how chemotherapy affects patients — looking tired all the time and losing their hair. It’s scary and confusing, especially if we’re not well informed.

Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor as many questions about the treatment as you’d like. Knowing more about how everything works and becoming more educated about chemo can help alleviate the tension and stress that you might experience.

We’ve come up with 5 questions below that you can ask your doctor regarding chemotherapy.

1. Is chemotherapy the best choice for my condition?

Your doctor most likely wouldn’t suggest chemotherapy if it wasn’t necessary, but it helps to hear them reaffirm it. Ask them for other possible treatment options or if chemotherapy is the best way to fight off your type of cancer. Ask also if they’ll be combining chemotherapy with other treatments, such as radiation or surgery.

2. How can I expect to feel after the treatment?

Ask your doctor how you should expect to feel after a few sessions of chemo treatment. Clarify the common side effects or when you should consider something as unusual or severe. It will help you manage your expectations, and you wouldn’t be surprised if you start experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy later on.

3. How long should I expect to undergo chemo?

Clarify the goal of the treatment and how long you are expected to go through it. Ask questions regarding how the effects will be evaluated and how your body will likely respond to the treatment. You wouldn’t want to undergo chemotherapy for more than a few months and see that it was having little to no effect at all!

4. Are there any activities that I should avoid?

Confirm if any activities aren’t allowed or discouraged when you undergo chemo. Confirm from your doctor the specifics on how the treatment will affect your lifestyle or your daily activities.

5. Can someone go with me during a chemo session?

Ask if someone can be with you while the drug is being administered to you. Having someone you are close to can be comforting and help relieve the stress that you might experience during a chemo session.


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