5 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Shakes When Accelerating

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Beware: Ignoring This Problem Will Be Costly for You

There is a myriad of possible reasons why your car shakes or vibrates when you accelerate. The causes may differ depending upon when your car shakes when you drive it. For example, shaking during low speeds can be caused by an entirely different issue from shaking that occurs during high-speed acceleration.

One sure thing, however, is that this problem will stress you out and cost you a lot of money in repairs if you continue to ignore it.

As soon as you experience any weird vibrations when increasing your speed, you should get your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic right away. Delaying your trip to the auto repair shop will only make matters worse up to a point when your personal safety gets compromised or when other components of your vehicle malfunction.

Here are five possible reasons why your car shakes when accelerating:

1. Bent driveshaft

If your car shakes even at low speeds, it could be because of a bent driveshaft. This could have happened if you had figured in an accident or hit something like a pothole.

2. Torn or disconnected vacuum hose

A disconnected or torn vacuum hose can cause your vehicle to shake when accelerating. While a disconnected hose can easily be re-attached, you’ll need to replace one that’s already torn. Even small tears are enough to cause your vehicle to shake.

3. Damaged motor mounts

Even if only one of your engine’s motor mounts is damaged, it can cause your car to shake during acceleration. Replace the damaged mount as soon as possible to avoid overstressing your functioning motor mounts.

4. Unbalanced tires

With unbalanced tires, shaking usually happens at high speeds. This is especially common if you recently had new tires installed. Fortunately, you can get your tires balanced at any auto shop pretty cheaply.

5. Bent axle

Hitting potholes, curbs, or getting into accidents can cause your axle to bend. This results in vibrations that get worse the more you accelerate. You’ll likely need to get your axle replaced to fix this.


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