5 American Workforce Facts You May Not Know

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What Labor Day on September 7th Is All About

Labor Day is more than just a summer holiday with lots of exciting parties and spectacular light shows. It’s a special day that honors all workers in the United States for the contributions they’re making to the companies where they work for and to our nation’s economy in general. Their work contributes to our nation’s strength and well-being.

On Labor Day this September 7th, Breast Cancer Car Donations encourages every person to thank the American workers for their dedication and hard work — without which, no organization could survive much less thrive. These employees play vital roles in the success of any company or organization. Without them, we wouldn’t have the goods and services necessary in our daily lives.


5 Interesting Facts About the American Workforce

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One of the best ways to celebrate Labor Day is to learn more about American workers. To give you a head start, we’ve pulled together these interesting facts to make your Labor Day celebration extra special:

  • Not all workers get to celebrate Labor Day.

Contrary to what some people may think, not all workers get to celebrate the Labor Day Weekend at home or with their families. Those considered as essential workers spend the days at their work stations, check-out counters, or the hospital where they work. They work through the weekend to provide services to the public.

  • Most American workers work in the service sector.

According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 107.8 million workers work in private service-providing companies. At least 27.8 million of these workers belong in the transport, trade, and utility industry while 24.3 million work in the health and education industry. Professional and business service employs about 21.5 million workers and leisure and hospitality have about 16.7 million employees.

  • Millennials are taking over the labor force.

Over a third of the U.S. labor force is comprised of millennials who are 18 to 34 years old. They’ve surpassed the number of Gen Xers who used to dominate the workforce.

  • A wage gap exists between men and women workers.

On average, women earn 85 cents for the dollar brought in by their men counterparts with similar qualifications. As women take on the responsibilities of becoming parents, the gap gets even wider compared to their male counterparts. Other reasons for this wage gap include differences in the industry and occupation, taking on more caregiving responsibilities, experience, and sometimes, gender discrimination.

  • The number of teen workers is decreasing.

Unlike in previous decades, fewer teens are entering the workforce these days. While teens spent approximately 49 minutes of paid work in the previous decade, teens today spend just 26 minutes a day on average doing paid work during school days.


Do Something Meaningful on Labor Day!

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