4 Types of Breast Biopsies

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Take a Closer Look at This Highly Useful Diagnostic Procedure

Doctors usually recommend that patients undergo a breast biopsy when mammograms reveal abnormalities suggesting the presence of cancer. A breast biopsy is a diagnostic procedure that involves taking tissue or fluid from a suspicious area of the breast for examination under a microscope by a pathologist, who checks for malignant or cancerous cells.

Although the prospect of a breast biopsy may sound intimidating, it’s a safe procedure that doesn’t necessarily indicate you have cancer. On average, approximately 80% of women who undergo breast biopsies are found negative for breast cancer.


What Are the Different Types of Breast Biopsies?

Doctors recommend various types of breast biopsies based on the suspicious tissue’s size, location, and depth. Breast Cancer Car Donations shares the different types of breast biopsies:

1. Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy

When a fluid-filled lump is found in the breast during imaging studies, a doctor may suggest a fine needle aspiration biopsy. In this procedure, they use a fine, hollow needle attached to a syringe that draws out the fluid, which is examined under a microscope. This method doesn’t require an incision. Ultrasound may be used to help guide the needle to the site.

2. Core Needle Biopsy

With a core needle biopsy, a larger, hollow needle is used to obtain a sample of the suspicious tissue. The sample is sent to the pathologist for examination. This type of biopsy is typically done under local anesthesia. The site of the biopsy may be marked to aid in locating the tissue later if necessary.

3. Surgical Biopsy

A surgical breast biopsy — also known as wide local excision, wide local surgical biopsy, or open biopsy — is required when the suspicious tissue is in deeper layers or when the results of needle biopsies are inconclusive. This procedure involves removing the tissue for examination. It is usually performed in a hospital setting under local anesthesia. The doctors may mark the site where the tissue was removed for future reference.

4. Lymph Node Biopsy

A lymph node biopsy may be done to check for metastasis or the spread of cancer to the lymph nodes located near the breasts. Surgeons usually perform this together with surgical breast biopsy, or when the entire breast tissue is removed. During a lymph node biopsy, doctors may also perform a core needle biopsy to remove a tissue sample.


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